Here’s How Tim Meadows Navigate Single Life and Fatherhood Post-Divorce from His Wife

The actor used to be one of the longest-running cast members on SNL, for which he received an Emmy Award in 1993.

Tim Meadows post-divorce from his wife Michelle Taylor

Unfortunately, his success in his career didn’t reflect well in his personal life. Tim Meadows only managed to settle down for seven years before his then-wife decided to file for divorce.

When Did Tim Meadows Separate from His Wife?

Tim Meadows married his then-wife, Michelle Taylor, in 1997. While the couple always appeared to be highly in love during their outings, it turned out that there was trouble in paradise.

Seven years after getting married, Michelle reportedly filed for divorce. According to Herald-Tribune, the reason behind their separation wasn’t disclosed.

Tim Meadows with his ex wife
Tim Meadows with his ex wife (Image: Getty Images)

However, it was revealed that Michelle requested their two sons to primarily live with her while she and Tim share legal custody. Their divorce was finalized in 2005.

Tim Meadows Relieved His Real-Life Divorce in The Bill Engvall Show

Two years after his divorce from Michelle Taylor was finalized, Tim Meadows starred in the 2007 series The Bill Engvall Show. He portrayed Paul DuFrayne, a divorcee with bad luck in romance. While that similarity helped Tim to relate to his character, it also posed some difficulties for him to explain to his children.

“I try to keep that aspect of it separated,” Tim told Parade. “It’s too personal to have to explain,” he added, sharing that he always told his sons that when his character ranted about his ex-wife, that didn’t mean Tim talked back about his children’s mom.

Well, it is best to avoid miscommunication with your little children!

Stephen Colbert Dished Out the Tea About Tim Meadows’ Ex-Girlfriend

In an episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Tim and Stephen, who have been friends since the 90s, were reunited. In that episode, Stephen decided to recall a story when they celebrated the Fourth of July at the home of Tim’s then-girlfriend. They decided to do some barbecue, grilling meat and hotdogs.

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Stephen later claimed Tim was a responsible teenager, cussing at him for acting immature and throwing hotdogs at people and “told him to grow up.”

Whether Tim was an accountable teenager or whether it was him trying to get brownie points from his then-girlfriend and her family, that question remains unanswered.

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