Andrew Santino’s Secret Wife: The Woman Behind the Comedian

Andrew Santino wife, his personal life

Nowadays, many actors and actresses are trying to develop a relationship without marriage. That is what Andrew Santino meant to do at first, just being in a relationship with someone without the intention to be married.

Andrew Santino photo
Andrew Santino (Instagram)

However, everything changed when he encountered the perfect match.

So, who is Andrew Santino’s wife? Many people are curious about whom Andrew dates and how far their relationship goes. Let us see Andrew Santino’s relationship rumors below.

What Are We Trying to Seek: Andrew Santino’s Wife

Andrew Santino happened to be married to his love life. According to a podcast interview with Whitney Cummings, he had never intended to match at first.

Still, the comedian had fallen in love with his better half. Andrew also did not mention any hints about his wife’s name and identity. He has chosen to keep their relationship private for the time being.

Even if we searched through his podcast, we would not gain any information about the wife. Andrew did a really good job protecting his wife from the public eye.

Both Andrew and his wife began off as friends, and now it has been four years since they exchanged vows as husband and wife. He also stated that he is in a steady relationship with her.

A simple apology would be sufficient to put everything right. Andrew and his wife may even get into a fight, however, it would only be due to a misunderstanding.

This news should silence all the doubters who said that Andrew Santino is gay. Andrew surely knows how to keep his married life a secret, so that unnecessary judgments are not present. It could also be that his wife does not like the media’s attention, potentially disturbing her private life.

Before Andrew and His Wife Tied the Knot

The comedian revealed some information about how he finally married his loved one. It was revealed through an interview with Whitney Cummings’s Good For You podcast.

So, Andrew and his wife were initially good friends and soon started dating each other since they grew fond of each other.

Though two people are falling in love, Andrew and his wife rarely find time to see each other. They were focusing on their respective careers, making it difficult to find time. Perhaps because of this, Andrew and his now-wife did not have any plans to get married.

But then, there is a reason why Andrew and his wife finally tied the knot. It all came to a conclusion during a counseling session with a therapist they had visited while dating. They had sought therapy due to various concerns.

During the therapy, Andrew stated that he saw something in her, making him think that his now-wife was the right one.

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Interestingly, they both sought therapy only to realize that they hated the therapist’s vibes due to some issue. He could even joke that their mutual hate of therapists would bond them even more.

Furthermore, after having multiple hour-long sessions, all of them, the therapist, Andrew, and his wife, remained silent for a few minutes. Suddenly, when people outside the therapist’s office began screaming, both Andrew and his wife started laughing very hard.

In that moment, they understood that they both shared the same sense of humor. Andrew also realized that his date was a perfect match for him and decided to marry her.

There is a rumor circulating that Danielle Brooks is the secret wife of Andrew Santino.

Are Andrew Santino and Sarah Bolger Ever Married?

The answer is no. Both Andrew Santino and Sarah Bolger are not married, though the duo has been spotted together quite often.

They were looked together at the premiere of FXX’s “Dave” at the Directors Guild of America, according to Show Biz Cast.

Andrew Santino and rumored girlfriend Sarah Bolger
Andrew Santino and Sarah Bolger (Getty Images)

Both Andrew and Sarah wore matching outfits, and their hands were tied around each other’s waists. They were at the event while looking very harmonious with each other. Their chemistry was adored by the fans as well.

Andrew wore a black shirt with blueprints and jeans. At the same time, Sarah looked very elegant and wonderful in a shimmery black dress above the knee. Sarah also did a loose hairdo which was very suitable for her dress.

Though they looked gorgeous when they appeared to be together, it is unfortunate that they did not tie the knot. Sarah was just in attendance to show her support for friends’ upcoming television series in 2020.

Andrew Santino Rumored to be Gay

Since Andrew is a comedian, it is only given that he often jokes around people. Like the last time, the rumor that Andrew is gay was quite a hype since he posted a photo with Chris D’Elia, his fellow comedian.

Both Andrew and Chris were seen very close since their first interaction back in 2018. On April 20, 2018, the duo announced that they were planning their wedding via Instagram. Of course, this news is a joke. It is obvious since the two were comedians.

The rumor of Andrew being gay first came from his character as the gay brother of Sally, the lead character in the American comedy series How I Met Your Dad in 2014.

Furthermore, he also made fun of himself, saying that he was gay in his childhood. It makes people wonder whether he is gay or not, and many people describe him as gay in the end.

Despite all of these rumors, even though he was not disclosing his relationship with his actual wife until now, we can ensure that he is not gay.

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