Who is Joyner Lucas Girlfriend? Insights Into Hip-Hop Star Dating History

Joyner Lucas dating history

To answer this question, we would like to answer it by simply saying: We don’t know. It is weird to say; however, Joyner keeps his private life away from the paparazzi. Fortunately, we saw glimpses that Joyner might have his touch in love back to him.

Currently, Joyner Lucas is having the best time in his career. He got and deserved the recognition that most of us grew envious of. Joyner may also get his long-awaited girlfriend sooner than expected. Believe it or not, Joyner’s own making sparked the rumors.

It all occurred in 2020. Joyner was trying to make his music video but still needed time to find suitable artists. He wanted to do a joint project. His uneasiness finally faded when Joyner found Ashanti, a New York-born actress and producer.

Joyner Lucas and Ashanti in Fall Slowly
Joyner Lucas and Ashanti in Fall Slowly

Ashanti’s talents were perfect for Joyner, and they began working on the video. The pair released the “Fall Slowly” music video. However, it wasn’t the video that some fans threw a considerable pinch of salt at. Instead, it was the act and the attitude of Joyner and Ashanti.

The fans couldn’t help but notice that the chemistry between Ashanti and Joyner was almost unbearable. Joyner and Ashanti were quite flirtatious and hinted to the viewers that they might not be just regular coworkers.

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Some skeptics argued that Ashanti’s ability made us think that way. However, in 2021, Ashanti again proposed that Joyner was her legitimate boyfriend. During that period, Ashanti went to a restaurant in Cancun, New Mexico.

It was a spectacular party, with drinks and bantered in a constant swing. In one instance during the party, Ashanti showed a glimpse of a mysterious man beside her. Sadly, we did not know who the man was, but many commented that it was Joyner Lucas. It may look like Ashanti tried to show off her new boyfriend.

Joyner and Ashanti never claimed anything nor convincingly announced that they were a couple. We need to wait and let the situation unfold itself. The signs are there, be patient.

Joyner Lucas and Carmen Julissa Ayala

Joyner once had a relationship with Carmen Julissa Ayala, and the fruit of their relationship was Joyner’s first and known son, Joyner Messiah Lucas. The son came to this world around 2016, just after Joyner received an invitation to become a member of Atlantic Records.

Considering the timeline, Joyner may indeed be Carmen Ayala’s boyfriend in 2015 or maybe 2014. Sadly, some sources claimed that Joyner and Carmen were just an “on-and-off couple.” All information surrounding the relationship remains under the rug and might never come to light.

So, for now, Joyner completely closed his door on Carmen Ayala. But he does have a soft spot when talking about his son. Joyner remarked on his son in many of his songs, including appearing as a cameo in Joyner’s music videos.

Was leaving Joyner Lucas a correct decision for Angela Yee?

Joyner Lucas and Angela Yee
Joyner Lucas and Angela Yee

When discussing our guest’s private life, we must dive deep into historical records. We also need to remember that the pair has the same secretive sides to them, so there is little information we can unravel for you, dear readers. Despite that, we found some compelling facts about Joyner Lucas and Angela Yee.

Joyner and Angela once, as some reports suggested, a couple. We did not know when the pair began their life together as a couple, but we concluded that it might happen before Joyner rose to fame.

A radio personality, Angela worked hard to enter the business, just like Joyner. However, the tale of these two hardworking lovebirds did not last long. Again, we did not know why or when the love dissipated between Angela and the “Lucky You” singer.

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One of the reasons we could think of was the presence of another girl that may have snatched Joyner from Angela. Even though it ended that way, the relationship between the two seemed fine. In 2015, Joyner invited Angela to his gig in New York. The rapper even asked his former significant other to become a makeshift host at that event.

So far, we haven’t heard anything about the pair trying to rekindle their romance. They seem happy with their own lives and the complete projects on their hands.

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