Jim Jefferies Wife Is Not the Only One of His Baby Mamas: A Look Back into the Comedian’s Relationship History

Jim Jefferies wife

Jim Jefferies jokes and comedy gigs aren’t the only things the public pays attention to. The comedian’s love life is nowhere less interesting, considering that he has always managed to score gorgeous actresses as his partners! Not to mention that both his ex-girlfriend and his current wife have given Jim a child each.

With how private Jim Jefferies could be, here’s everything we know about his past and current relationships, courtesy of his wife, Tasie Lawrence!

When Did Jim Jefferies Marry His Wife, Tasie Lawrence?

Jim Jefferies has always been a private man by nature, so it’s no wonder his wife, the singer and actress Tasie Lawrence, shared most glimpses of his marriage.

Jim Jefferies with his wife Tasie Lawrence
Jim Jefferies with his wife Tasie Lawrence (via: Instagr)

Although it’s unclear when they started dating, Jim and Tasie went Instagram official in 2019 after she posted a picture of them sitting side by side.

They also made their red-carpet debut later that year, attending the premiere of Dolemite is My Name. A year later, Tasie announced their marriage by posting several pictures of the big day and claiming that she married her “best friend.”

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Although he’s not one for posting adorable pictures with his wife, Jim never shies away from giving his wife credit when it’s due. In an interview, he gave a nod to Tasie for helping him lead a healthier lifestyle.

“My wife’s into meditation, and I’m just getting into it,” he shared. “I would like to get more into it,” the comedian added.

Jim and Tasie welcomed their first child together, a son named Charlie, in 2021. He’s Jim’s second son, as the Aussie shares an older son with his ex-girlfriend.

Why Did Jim Jefferies and Kate Luyben Break Up?

Before Tasie Lawrence, Jim Jefferies once dated another actress, Kate Luyben! The couple met during one of Jim’s earlier gigs in 2011 and started going out later that year.

Jim Jefferies and girlfriend Kate Luyben
Jim Jefferies and girlfriend Kate Luyben (Via: Synergistic)

Jim and Kate had quite a whirlwind romance as they moved in only a year after they started dating and welcomed their son, Hank, in November 2012!

Unfortunately, their relationship crashed as fast as it got serious, and the former couple agreed to separate and share custody of their son. It’s extremely helpful that they split amicably and that their respective partners get along well.

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In an interview with The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Jim revealed that Kate’s current boyfriend and his current wife, Tasie, also helped them raise Hank alongside Jim and Talsie’s son, Charlie.

While Kate’s new lover is responsible for teaching Hank sports as he used to be a footballer, Tasie is disciplining Hank when necessary, with Jim claiming that she is “like Mary Poppins.”

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