Who Is Felix Mallard Dating? The Actor Recently Revealed That He Has A Girlfriend

Felix Mallard girlfriends

For generations, Hollywood has always been full of talented rising stars. This time, the industry welcomes Felix Mallard, an up-and-coming Australian actor best known for his roles in Locke & Key, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, and Ginny & Georgia.

As the new Internet heartthrob, Felix Mallard becomes the subject of public scrutiny on his personal life, especially his relationship status. And unsurprisingly, several names have been linked romantically with him!

Who Is Felix Mallard’s Current Girlfriend?

Felix Mallard interview

While Felix Mallard seems to take a path to keep his personal life private, he once slipped up and admitted that he indeed has a girlfriend in an interview with Young Hollywood.

“My girlfriend was straight on the jump,” he said when asked about the first people congratulating him for being cast on Ginny & Georgia.

Felix also shared that his girlfriend binged the show “as soon as it was out.”

Felix Mallard and his current girlfriend Zoe Crammond
Felix Mallard and Zoe Cramond

While Felix didn’t hint at the girlfriend’s identity, nor he ever spoke of it after that, fans somehow managed to conclude that the identity of Felix’s girlfriend is fellow actress Zoe Cramond, who once worked with him in Neighbours.

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In an interview with The Beast in 2011, Zoe once shared that she had been surfing since she was 14. Well, guess what? Felix also surfs! The pair were also spotted at the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras parade in 2019 along with other Neighbours castmates.

Neither Felix nor Zoe has explicitly confirmed the rumors, and they seem content to keep each other away from their social media posts. Well, it may be best to keep their relationship private!

Inside Felix Mallard’s Relationship with On-Screen Girlfriend Antonia Gentry

Felix Mallard and Antonia Gentry
Felix Mallard and Antonia Gentry

As Ginny & Georgia earned popularity worldwide and launched its cast members into superstardom, the public started to pay more attention to the on-screen couple Felix Mallard and Antonia Gentry.

Portraying the roles of Marcus and Ginny, respectively, the main love line in the series is for a complicated relationship. While in the first season, they ended up together, the second season would see Marcus and Ginny separated.

“Marcus doesn’t have the tools or the resources or even belied that people will care enough for him,” Felix explained how his character’s depression took a toll on his relationship with Antonia’s character.

The chemistry between Felix and Antonia intrigued the audience to the point that (we bet) no one’s eyes remained dry after they watched the breakup scene between the two!

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However, while Felix admitted that Marcus and Ginny “love each other so much,” the actors don’t share the same romantic love in real life.

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