Why So Many Fans Hate Sasha Calle As The New Supergirl?

Find out how the internet is reacting to Sasha Calle's casting as Supergirl for The Flash movie and why some may be hating on her version of the beloved character.

Why are so many hating Sasha Calle as Supergirl, The Flash Movie

In 2021, DC fans rejoiced over the possibility of another comic book superhero being brought to life. Yep, The Flash director, Andy Muschietti, announced that the movie would not only feature the titular character but also introduce the new Supergirl!

“The talent pool was truly amazing, and it was very hard to make a decision,” Andy shared with Deadline. “But we finally found an actress who was destined to play this role,” he continued.

And, well, the actress who is set to portray Supergirl in The Flash is Sasha Calle, who thrived among what Andy said to be “more than four hundred auditions”!

The Flash, Sasha Calle and Ezra Miller
The Flash, Sasha Calle and Ezra Miller (DC)

The director also shared that Sasha had done a chemistry read with Ezra Miller, who portrayed the titular character.

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While we can see that the director (and, of course, Sasha herself) was ecstatic about introducing the new Supergirl, fans didn’t quite share the sentiment. Many protested and claimed that Sasha’s version of Supergirl is nothing like the comic book, neither the physical appearance nor the costume.

Why So Many Fans Hate Sasha Calle, reddit comments1

However, some fans still accepted the difference, claiming that it’s important to embrace diversity in Hollywood and that Sasha is a talented actress who will do the character of Supergirl justice.

Why So Many Fans Hate Sasha Calle, reddit comments

So, why do so many fans hate the idea of Sasha Calle as the new Supergirl?

Not A Fan Favorite? Why Fans Are So Divided Over Casting Sasha Calle in The Role of Supergirl

The Flash, Sasha Calle as the new Supergirl
The Flash, Sasha Calle as the new Supergirl (DC)

After the DCEU released a new trailer for The Flash, which showed the first look of Supergirl, you can say that many were not impressed. Fans claimed that the new Supergirl is nothing like the movie, and even several admitted they needed “to do a double take” when she appeared on-screen.

While plenty of fans at first defended Sasha Calle’s casting despite having a different race than the comic book version (Sasha is a Latina, FYI), some of them eventually expressed their disappointment when it was clear that DCEU didn’t even try to keep at least the slightest bit of physical resemblance with the comic book’s Supergirl.

The first look of Sasha’s version of Supergirl showed her with black, short hair, while Supergirl is known for her long, wavy blonde hair.

Couldn’t the DCEU afford blonde wigs?

Noting that Supergirl is considered one of the most important superheroes in the DCEU, fans stressed the importance of establishing the appropriate physical appearance in comic books. I mean, Henry Cavill was the best version of Superman for a reason, wasn’t he?

The casting of Sasha Calle (and the decision to completely ignore Supergirl’s general physical appearance) upsets fans, mainly when DCEU has cast Melissa Benoist as Supergirl before.

Unfortunately, it seems like Sasha’s appearance as the new Supergirl might meet its end before it even begins. It was reported that Sasha’s appearance was edited out from The Flash’s final scene, albeit there’s no confirmation yet. 

With how the movie cut out Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot’s scenes from the movie’s post-credit scenes after both actors departed from the universe, fans began to assume that Sasha is no longer set to portray Supergirl!

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So, did the director decide to cancel Sasha’s appearance due to fans’ mounting hate and pressure, or was it because of several changes in the creative decision by James Gunn and Peter Safran as the new co-CEOs of the DCEU?

Nevertheless, we hope that Sasha Calle’s dream of portraying Supergirl will not be quenched before it comes true!

Who Is Sasha Calle: A Look Back on Her Career and Achievements

Sasha Calle career
Sasha Calle (Instagram)

Sasha Calle is an American actress of Colombian descent. Her career is still relatively short, as she only debuted in 2018, shortly after graduating from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy.

Although she still has a small acting portfolio, Sasha has proved herself to be a great talent in acting, shown through her brilliant performance in the soap opera The Young and the Restless. The role earned Sasha her first Emmy nomination.

After leaving The Young and the Restless in 2021, Sasha was cast as the new Supergirl and was set to make her debut in The Flash. However, she unexpectedly received numerous hate for not bearing the same physical appearance as the comic book version.

With the rumors of her scene in The Flash movie’s final scene being edited out and that she will no longer be cast as Supergirl, the fate of Sasha Calle in the DCEU remains unknown.

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