Edward Ruttle Has Portrayed Several Roles as A Married Man, But Is He Married in Real Life?

Edward Ruttle wife

Edward Ruttle is one of the ultimate male leads in various rom-com movies and TV series! From his Greek god-like physique to his voice and ability to have brilliant chemistry with any of his co-stars, it’s no wonder Edward Ruttle scored plenty of swooning on-screen boyfriend roles!

However, how about his romantic endeavors in real life? Does Edward Ruttle share the same success as the characters he portrayed?

Does Edward Ruttle Have A Wife?

Bad news for curious fans, there’s zero information on Edward Ruttle’s possible relationships! The actor has never been seen with any woman other than for filming purposes, so it’s hard to claim that he has a mystery girlfriend waiting for him at home.

Moreover, Edward has also never been spotted being extremely touchy with any males, so that scratches any possible gay rumors, too!

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To make matters worse, the Canadian actor isn’t active on social media, never posting pictures despite owning an Instagram account. He probably lost the will to learn how to use it with the platform’s ever-changing features (Can we blame him?).

So, it seems safe to conclude that Edward Ruttle is single right now! But whether he’s ready to mingle remains a mystery, though…

Who Is Edward Ruttle’s Best On-Screen Romance?

Edward Ruttle and Natasha Wilson in Destination Christmas
Edward Ruttle and Natasha Wilson in Destination Christmas

Considering the variety of Reel One Entertainment romance movies that Edward Ruttle starred in, it’s hard for us to choose only one actress who delivered splendid chemistry with Ed, so we decided on two!

(It makes us wonder if Reel One Entertainment actors must keep tight-lipped about their real-life romantic relationships… Anyways)

For Hallmark, Christmas isn’t only a time to be jolly but also to be involved in a surprising, cliché romance with some hot stranger! Well, at least that was the plot of Edward’s Christmas rom-com, Destination Christmas.

Starring alongside Natasha Wilson, Edward portrayed the role of Connor, a local holiday hero whose territory also happened to be Natasha’s on-screen holiday destination. Well, fair to say that they complete the strangers to friends to lovers trope!

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Another co-star who swooned the audience with her brilliant chemistry with Edward was Debs Howard, who portrayed Lindsey in the 2023 Reel One Entertainment TV series, The Honeymoon Pact.

The plot revolves around Lindsey, who tries to cheer up her best friend, Ella, who was snubbed by her fiancé on her wedding day!

I know, the audacity!

The two best friends eventually decided to go on the planned honeymoon. What started as a happy girls’ trip began conflicting for Lindsey as she found love in the honeymoon rep, Edward Ruttle’s Josh!

Before you watch the series and swoon over Edward’s lovely performance, you might want to check the trailer out first!

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