Bae Doona’s Relationship Status: Who Has She Dated?

Bae Doona boyfriends

While Korean culture has spread worldwide, not all actors can have names in Hollywood yet. Only some of them have the opportunity to star in Hollywood movies, thus establishing their reputation globally. One of those actors is Bae Doona.

Known as an A-list actress in South Korea, thanks to her roles in several box-office hits, Doona also managed to break into Hollywood by starring in Cloud Atlas and Jupiter Ascending.

Is Bae Doona Dating Anyone?

Until this day, Bae Doona has yet to confirm any romantic relationship. Fans guess that the actress prefers to keep her romantic life private following the highly publicized past relationship with ex Jim Sturgess in 2015.

Are Bae Doona and Son Suk-Ku Dating?

In 2018, many reports revealed that Bae Doona has been dating fellow actor Son Suk-Ku since 2017.

Bae Doona and Son Suk-Ku in Sense8
Bae Doona and Son Suk-Ku in Sense8

The pair first met on the set of the Netflix drama series Sense8 Season 2 and got close because Doona “would always give him advice” on acting and his personal life.

Furthermore, the reports also shared that Doona recruited her rumored boyfriend to join her agency at that time, Saetbyul-dang Entertainment.

Fans began to suspect that the reports were accurate, considering that both Doona and Suk-Ku regularly posted several snaps of them hanging out and getting chummy.

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Unfortunately, fans were excited for no reason because several days after the reports came out, Bae Doona and Son Suk-Ku denied all allegations through their agency.

“It is not true,” Saetbyul-dang Entertainment denied in an official statement. “They are just close colleagues who are in the same agency,” the statement concluded.

Why Did Bae Doona and Jim Sturgess Split?

Bae Doona and Jim Sturgess
Bae Doona and Jim Sturgess

In 2012, Bae Doona made a name in Hollywood by starring in the sci-fi movie Cloud Atlas alongside Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, and Jim Sturgess. Shortly after the film’s release, rumors began to speculate that Doona and Jim were a thing, with fans pointing out their chemistry during the promotional tour.

However, it wasn’t until two years later that Doona confirmed the rumors at a press conference.

“Jim Sturgess is my boyfriend,” she declared, claiming that reports saying they were just friends were “the words of my former manager.”

Following the confirmation, Doona and Jim made their red-carpet debut during the 2014 Cannes International Film Festival.

Unfortunately, that would be their last red-carpet attendance together since a year later, it was reported that the pair had broken up. While Bae Doona’s agency opted to stay silent on the reason behind their split, Jim Sturgess opened up about the separation in an interview.

“Bouncing between continents makes it hard to maintain a relationship,” Jim revealed, implying that he and Doona broke up due to the hardship of maintaining a long-distance relationship.

Following their split, Bae Doona has yet to find new love in another man, opting to focus on her career. Meanwhile, Jim married his long-time girlfriend, Dina Mousawi, in 2019.

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