Alia Shawkat Scored Brad Pitt for A Fling, But How About A Long-term Spouse?

Alia Shawkat, known for her role in the sitcom Arrested Development, has been quite the talk of the town for the past few years since her rumored romance with Brad Pitt.

Alia Shawkat boyfriend

The granddaughter of Emmy-nominated ‘60s actor Paul Burke, Alia Shawkat’s relationship history is more star-studded than just Brad Pitt!

Is Alia Shawkat Married?

Following Brad Pitt’s dating rumors, Alia Shawkat has not felt compelled to settle down with a husband. However, that doesn’t mean she’s entirely out of the dating game! According to Daily Mail, the actress allegedly dated a mystery rugged man after they were spotted smooching post-coffee run. 

Alia surprised fans with another piece of news when she was spotted arriving at a birth clinic with a mystery man!

Alia Shawkat with her mystery boyfriend
Alia Shawkat with her mystery boyfriend (Terma,SL / BACKGRID)

Many fans believed it was the same man she kissed two years ago since the man was the same height. However, several others were still unsure, considering that the man Alia kissed was sporting a beard while the one who went with her to the clinic appeared clean-shaven.

According to Page Six, Alia and her boyfriend welcomed their first child several months later, with the new mom being first sighted with the newborn in November. To this day, Alia has yet to disclose any information regarding the baby’s gender and name, nor the baby’s daddy’s identity.

Did Alia Shawkat Date Brad Pitt?

Alia Shawkat and Brad Pitt
Alia Shawkat and Brad Pitt

2019 was Alia Shawkat’s year, with her being the constant feature of many tabloid and gossip pages following her outings with Brad Pitt.

While the alleged couple always denied the rumors, fans had a hard time letting go of gossip about someone as A-list as Mr. Pitt. However, Alia later revealed that the rumors “came in hot and left as fast as it came in.”

“It’s like a weird dream,” Alia told The New Yorker about the heavy attention she received in 2019. “I was shaken up by it,” the actress added.

She also revealed that Brad “had no awareness” of the dating rumors and even apologized to her for the inconvenience of being followed by the paparazzi.

Were Alia Shawkat and Andrew Garfield Together?

Alia Shawkat and Andrew Garfield
Alia Shawkat and Andrew Garfield (Getty Images)

In 2016, Alia Shawkat was spotted having a coffee date with Andrew Garfield. The pair seemed to enjoy each other’s company, spending time with animated talks and even embracing each other before parting.

Their coffee date shocked fans, with several people convinced they were dating while others were adamant that Alia and Andrew were just friends catching up with each other’s lives.

While the latter scenario couldn’t be dismissed entirely, it seems weird that friends were only spotted hanging out once and never being seen together ever since!

When Did Alia Shawkat Date Jack Antonoff?

Alia Shawkat and Jack Antonoff
Alia Shawkat and Jack Antonoff (Getty Images)

Alia Shawkat and Jack Antonoff were rumored to be dating in 2009. However, it wasn’t until nearly a decade later that the media discovered their past romance.

The reason?

Alia starred in Jack’s music video, Don’t Take the Money, directed by Jack’s then-girlfriend, Lena Dunham.

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It’s unclear when and why Alia and Jack broke up, but they appeared to part ways amicably, considering they can still work together with Jack’s girlfriend present!

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