The Inconspicuous Actor’s Romantic Narratives: Alex Lawther and His Reported Relationship

Alex Lawther love life

The actor’s private life remains a secret; however, we shall unmask his mystery this time. His name is far from being categorized as “famous,” yet his recent involvement might change that. 

Alex Lawther and the tales of his reported girlfriend

Despite Alex’s magnificent journey thus far, many are still unsure of his life. It may be because of one simple reason; not many people know about his private life, especially when discussing his romantic side. 

Like many of his counterparts in Hollywood, Alex never publicly said anything about his private life. Even though he appeared in some videos on YouTube or personally uploaded some quite suspicious photos of him with other girls, Alex never mentioned anything during public meetings. He is pretty shy or even silent about this part of his life. 

However, we are here not to talk about his silent demeanor. Fortunately, he still spilled some information about what type of girl he might date. The girl was his former coworker during the filming of “The End of the F***ing World.” She was Jessica Barden.

Alex Lawther and Jessica Barden on-screen relationship
Alex Lawther and Jessica Barden

It is not a surprise to connect Alex’s name to Jessica. Not only did they work together, but the pair also supposedly had that “special connection” back then. Jessica and Alex met for the first time during casting for the TV series. They worked superbly after that, with fans starting to ponder the question if the two had become a couple.

However, many fans were also quite skeptical about the possibility. Despite that, they seemingly understood the fans’ question and dropped another hint that they might be what the fans had hoped. It was pretty apparent during Alex and Jessica’s interview with The Guardian.

“We felt it from the start, and even after the beginning of the filming, we both felt safe. The feeling is not only when we are on the set but also drags on to the outside world. So, well, maybe it is something that (Alyssa) felt with James around her.” 

Sadly, how much we like that Jessica and Alex would be a couple in the future, Jessica told that the show was about Alyssa and James, not about her and Alex.

“We will know if we can work together again, but the show was mainly about our characters. People would despise us if it were about other things.” After she said that, Jessica gave a naughty smile to Alex. You can interpret it on your own accord.

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Jessica then reiterated, “if one of the pair is gone, they might feel lost with insurmountable pressure from the world.” Well, quite a hint there, isn’t it, Jessica?

Alex, unfortunately, was mainly silent during the interview and never even talked about the on-screen relationship with Jessica during the filming. Despite that, we would like this opportunity to say that there’s something fishy between the two. We might hear something about this shortly, so all we can do is wait.

Since the news had been silent and there were no reports from the protagonist, Alex had no apparent girl within his palm as his fianceé. With that in mind, he also had no child of his own.

The actor’s journey to Hollywood

A few of you might know the actor’s name, but the majority would turn their heads in confusion. Well, it’s not a surprise since the English actor had just made his name reverberate through Hollywood. 

Alex began his career very early. The spark came to the Hampshire-born actor when he realized that he lacked some entertainment in his life. Alex’s father, who worked as a lawyer, might not give him the adequate amount of amusement he wanted.

Alex Lawther in The Imitation Game 2014
Alex Lawther in The Imitation Game 2014

Alex clarified his intention when enrolling at The National Youth Theatre, London. His breakthrough in the movie industry came when he played in the “South Downs” stage play. Alex’s name indeed reverberates when he, alongside Benedict Cumberbatch, played in the 2014 film, “The Imitation Game.” 

He then proceeds to make his career into a more stable, uphill trajectory. His opportunity came when in 2015, he brilliantly depicted the character Elliot in the “Departure” film. The film gave him two awards, and possibly wouldn’t be his last. 

Alex received another call after the project, and in 2017, Alex portrayed James in the “The End of the F***ing World” TV series.

His brief yet complete background story of Alex Lawther truly made us smile. Well, why not? Alex knew what he wanted to do and worked hard for it. At least he got what he wanted now. A stable career in the movie industry and earned three awards. What an achievement!

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