Who Is Matthew Rhys Wife? His Married Life & Children

Matthew Rhys wife and dating history

Matthew Rhys Evans is a Welsh actor that is well-known for his role in Brothers & Sisters and The Edge of Love. In 2020, he got his third Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Actor – Television Series Drama.

His career began in New Zealand, where he got first there in January 1998. Starting from there, he had played various big hit movies and TV series.

Matthew is a charming and fine-looking man in the movie industry. Is he dating anyone now? Or, who are the women that he dated in the past? We are going to find out soon.

Does Matthew Rhys Have A Wife?

For an interesting starter: Matthew Rhys is married and has three children!

Matthew’s wife, Keri Russell, is a Golden Globe Award winner for her role in Felicity. They have been together since March 2014.

How did these two met before they decided to get married?

Keri Russell is Matthew’s costar in The Americans. But, they didn’t meet from there. Matthew and Keri had met ten years before they began to work together.

He stated his interviews on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen:

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“We met a very long, long time ago, and I was drunk. That’s where I had the courage to ask for her number,” and the audience laughed. “And not long after that, we met again in a parking lot. And that was pretty romantic,” Matthew then added.

Matthew also added that Keri didn’t answer his drunk call and text. And also wittingly reminded her she rejected him more than 16 years ago.

Then a decade after that short-and-funny encounter, they met again for The Americans. Both of them were then spending time together to read the script and just hanging out. They even had an inside joke together.

In one of Keri’s interviews, she described Matthew as someone that is “so nice to work with.” She also told The Los Angeles that acting with Matthew is so easy and safe.

Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell

They both had some pretty hot and steamy scenes together in The Americans. With Keri’s role as a KGB agent Elizabeth alongside Matthew as Philip Jennings, how could we resist their charms and charisma?

Matthew Rhys and wife Keri Russell
Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell (Getty Images)

Many of their fans believe that their chemistry also sparked off-screen. They were also excited to find out they start to date in real life no long after that.

The interesting part, though, Keri began to date Matthew not long after her divorce with Shane Deary, with whom she had two children. Keri’s previous relationships with Shane lasted for seven years, and their children’s names are River and Willow.

Some people suspect that Keri was cheating with Matthew Rhys before, looking from the fact that it only took her a month to move on from Shane. But, that rumor was not true.

There were also many people giving their comments about Keri Russell and Shane Deary’s split, saying it’s disappointing to know that a long-term couple of an actress and a regular person also didn’t have a happy ending.

But, Keri has to move on from there. She stated that her divorce was amicable and based on the mutual agreement between her and Shane.

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Not long after her divorce then she started to work on The Americans. The rumors of her relationship with Matthew began to arise.

Though both of them denied that fact in their interviews well, the evidence speaks for itself. Some paparazzi got their pictures hanging out together in Brooklyn Heights not long after they became costars.

After one year of constantly denying the rumors, they publicly stated in March 2014 that they were officially a couple! They kept their relationships very private, though, until they were expecting their first child.

Not long after that, Matthew and Keri have decided to have a house together in Brooklyn with Sam – their two-year-old son – and two children from Keri’s previous marriage.

For the past five years, when they still had to shoot for The Americans, both Matthew and Keri had been pretty busy and often spent their nights separately. They had a hard time balancing their career and family life, as they stated in one of their interviews together.

But, they didn’t seem to regret it at all. In their interviews with USA Today, when they were asked whether it is harder or easier to work together in the same movie, they answered with “both.”

Keri then added some explanations: “when you already have real chemistry with someone, it is really easy to work with them. It just came naturally. But when you have bad days with them, and you still have to work with them, that’s when it becomes a challenge,” and also saying it once happened before between her and Matthew.

But after The Americans were ended, they now “cherishing the more balance life” as they’ve always wanted as a couple.

Doing regular kinds of stuff like making breakfast, school runs, picking their children up from school, and watching TC have been Matthew and Keri’s dream for quite some time, as they told Us Weekly. Matthew then called it a “novelty.”

Keri enjoys her time being a mother, and Matthew, as a Welshman, wants to live a quiet and easy life in Brooklyn.

Let’s hope that they continue to enjoy their life together!

A Short-Term Relationship with Sienna Miller

Matthew met Sienna Miller on the set of The Edge of Love movie. Sienna, as his costar, was described as “fun, loving, and free-spirit,” and that’s why Matthew fell in love with her in the first place.

Matthew Rhys and ex girlfriend Sienna Miller
Matthew Rhys and Sienna Miller

This was the only interview that Matthew had talked about Sienna. He seemed not really into talking much about his past relationship with her.

Matthew Rhys and Sienna Miller dated less than a year, and it was devastating for so many people. Even after their split, Sienna stated that her relationship with Matthew wasn’t “that serious.”

On the other hand, Matthew at that time was ready to settle down. Quoting from his interview with Mail Online, he said that he already came to a phase in life when it started to feel like having a natural partner.

But, he hasn’t told that he was with Sienna Miller at that time. He then described that not having a partner became his “one lacking element” at that moment.

The main reason for their breakups, some media stated, was the distance and they couldn’t find the time for each other. Sienna Miller has a reputation to “change her mind” very quickly. When they were together for The Edge of Love, Sienna stated that she was “very much in love” with Matthew Rhys.

In fact, Sienna once was boasting about how much she loved Matthew Rhys—stating that “hearing his name making me smile like a fool.”

But not long after that, she came up with the statement that she “wasn’t really serious.”

In one of her interviews, she said that she was only 26. There were so many things she could’ve done before deciding to settle down with someone in a relationship. Some media spitted hate on her, and Matthew’s fans were devastated.

Sienna Miller also has a reputation to date hot men, and it became an undeniably hot topic in some time. Not only Matthew Rhys, but some names like Jude Law and Brad Pitt were on her lists. Some A-list men we have right there.

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It is undeniable that the men Sienna has dated in the past have helped her name become more well-known in Hollywood.

Looking at the fact that Matthew Rhys is happily married to Keri Russel now, it seems like he finally got his “missing element” that he was longing for. With a happy home and three children, we hope everything will turn out well for Matthew Rhys!

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