Who is Karen Gillan Boyfriend 2023? Her Dating History

Karen Gillan boyfriend

Karen Gillan is a Scottish actress and filmmaker. She started her career on guest appearances on few television shows. She stepped forward in her acting career for the role of Amy Pond in the BBC One series Doctor Who.

For the performance, Karen received a few nominations and awards. She is also known for a role in Jumanji, Avengers, and Guardians of The Galaxy. Karen is also a philanthrope, who helped promote Fashion Targets Breast Cancer, launched a project called Ditto. It is an app to focus on the creativity of collaboration.

Is Karen Gillan Dating Anyone?

At the present famous actress is single. In her past, she had a long time relationship too. The Guardians of The Galaxy star is focusing on herself and her career as after her last break-up it’s a long gap of dating anyone.

Have a look with whom Karen has a long relationship and was romantically connected before.

Karen Gillan and Matt Smith

Karen was rumored to have a relationship with Doctor Who co-star Matt Smith. The rumors got wilder when she split with her long-term boyfriend just months after Matt break up with his girlfriend.

Karen Gillan dating rumors with Matt Smith
Karen Gillan with Matt Smith

However, it was a rumor which has came down after some time.

Karen Gillan and Andrew Brook

When everyone was talking about Karen’s and Matt’s “maybe” romantic feelings, she surprised everyone again. She was captured kissing PhoneShop star Andrew Brook.

Karen Gillan and ex boyfriend Andrew Brook
Karen Gillan and Andrew Brook (Flynetpictures)

Also, it was only rumored, as later she stopped being a party girl and focused only on her career.

Karen Gillan and Patrick Green

In 2006 Karen started dating Patrick Green. He is a freelance photographer and visual artist. The pair were together for about 6 years till 2012 Patrick never asked Karen’s a special question, so the relationship never went any further.

Karen Gillan and long-term boyfriend Patrick Green
Karen Gillan and Patrick Green

They were very quiet about private life and were rarely seen in public together.

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