Who is Hayden Christensen Girlfriend in 2023? Is He Married?

Hayden Christensen girlfriends

It seems like Canada has way too many hot actors. From Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling to Keanu Reeves, they have their charms. But, another Canadian that deserves a lot of attention, too, is Hayden Christensen.

He is known as an actor in Star Wars Saga, Jumper, and Little Italy. His lists of achievements are remarkable, too. He won the MTV Movie Award for Best Villain in 2006, and the list goes on.

Is He Dating Anyone?

Іn 2008, Hayden Christensen еngаgеd his long-term girlfriend Rасhеl Віlѕоn, with whom he filmed the movie Jumper. Later, Bilson gave birth to their daughter Briar Rose. Ноwеvеr, thеу ѕераrаtеd іn Ѕерtеmbеr 2017.

Hayden Christensen has been keeping a low profile since he starred in Star Wars films. The actor is reportedly single again. No rumors regarding his romances have surfaced yet. Previously, he was linked with Natalie Portman, Reena Hammer, and Sienna Miller before dating Rachel Bilson. Read more about Hayden dating history below.

A Ten Years Relationship with Rachel Bilson: All Their Ups and Downs

Here’s good news for you guys: Hayden Christensen is currently single! His latest relationship was with an actress, Rachel Bilson, and it was a serious one. He was engaged with Rachel Bilson, and even before that, the two were already dating for quite a long time.

Hayden Christensen and girlfriend Rасhеl Віlѕоn
Hayden Christensen and Rасhеl Віlѕоn (Getty Images)

Rachel and Hayden started dating in 2007 after they met on set for the movie Jumper. They felt immediate chemistry, and it didn’t take a long time for them to be sure of each other. Then, only a year after their first encounter, Hayden popped the question with a two-carat solitaire ring to Rachel, and she said yes.

What made it even romantic was he proposed over the holidays, and their family was already closed. The approval from both of their families was obvious, and they couldn’t be happier!

But, it was inevitable as an actor to have a tight schedule and life that always seemed busy to focus on other things. Unfortunately, it also happened for Rachel and Hayden. As a result, they took a break for three months before finally agreeing to engage in August 2010.

Even after being engaged, the couple still needed to take a break. So in October 2014, they rekindled and even expecting a baby! They shared one daughter, Briar Rose, and lived a happy life until 2017.

In September 2017, the couple split. But this time, it wasn’t a short break; they parted ways for real. After ten years of being together, they finally decided that breaking up was the best way for them.

Despite their split, they continued to co-parent Briar and made sure that they still were good parents for her.

On Doing a Great Job in Co-parenting Their Daughter

Rachel and Hayden seemed to do a great job in teaming up to raise Briar. However, when Rachel was asked about maintaining stability in raising her daughter with her ex-fiance, she said “trust” is the main key.

“You have to trust each other, and you are bubbled up. It’s also nice because she [Briar] had the opportunity to have another house to go to and not be stuck in our house the entire time, so I’m grateful for that, and we’ve just handled it. Survival mode.”

That’s so relieving to know! During this pandemic and self-quarantine time, it wasn’t easy to raise a kid and be stuck at home for a long time, yet this couple managed it very well.

Both Rachel and Hayden are happy to know the way they co-parent Briar. Rachel even said that the process “been going pretty well.”

The couple also tried their best to keep Briar out of the media exposure and public attention. However, it wasn’t an easy thing to do, said Rachel. Besides, Briar’s desire to pursue a career in acting starts to appear, too.

“She’s already said she wants to act, and I’m like ‘how do we handle this?” told Hart of Dixie actress.

Hayden and Rachel’s Life After the Breakup

After the breakup, Rachel didn’t give up on dating someone new. She was reportedly dating Bill Hader for a short time.

When it comes to entering a new relationship, Rachel always makes sure to put her daughter’s needs and well-being as a top priority. So, whether or not the boyfriend would embrace and accept her daughter would be her main reason for jumping into the relationship further.

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“If you’re going to pursue something with someone, they have to be interested in the kid or be willing to be around the kid,” told Rachel in Nick Viall’s The Viall Files podcast back in 2019.

Hayden, on the other hand, is different. He didn’t jump into another relationship and focused more on his career while enjoying his time as a single man.

However, it doesn’t mean that there was no rumor about him seeing anyone after the breakup. It was just not an official relationship. Later in October 2017, a month after he officially split with Rachel, he was rumored to be dating a Hollywood queen, Emma Roberts.

Emma Roberts Was the Main Reason for Hayden’s Split?

Emma and Hayden’s rumor was first sparked after they worked together in Little Italy. Some media reported that “Rachel found text messages between Christensen and Emma Roberts,” which wasn’t confirmed nor denied by both Emma and Hayden.

Hayden Christensen with ex Emma Roberts
Hayden Christensen and Emma Roberts (Imdb)

Not only that, his “relationship” with Emma was reported to be the main reason for Hayden and Rachel’s breakup. Wow, that was a heavy accusation right there. But was that the truth?

The rumor became even more convincing because Hayden and Rachel’s split happened in the middle of the Little Italy filming process. Hayden and Emma played a love interest in the movie, and of course, nobody doubted their chemistry in the movie. Little Italy even became a movie that gained massive success, thanks to this duo.

Whether or not Emma was the one who caused Hayden’s split was not clear. Nobody was willing enough to clarify that to the media or through their social media, so they let people interpret themselves. But, let’s hope that it wasn’t the truth!

Making Out on the Set with Sienna Miller: A Truth or Just a Rumor?

Another rumor that Hayden has is with his co star in Factory Girl, Sienna Miller. But, don’t worry: this rumor started before he started a relationship with Rachel.

Hayden Christensen with Sienna Miller and Natalie Portman
Hayden Christensen with Sienna Miller and Natalie Portman

Back in 2006, Hayden and Sienna were rumored to be hooking up on set! Though we know that the two had a make-out scene in the movie and had to form chemistry with each other, we didn’t expect them to grow in real life, either, did we?

They were seen flirting at Hollywood parties and acting like a couple, some media stated. But, until now, it remained a rumor because none of them said anything about that. Well, it’s not wrong to be “very close” with one of your costars once in a while, right?!

People Desperately Want Hayden Dated Natalie Portman

Here comes another (and might be the best!) actress rumored with Hayden Christensen: she is Natalie Portman!

They were rumored to be a couple of ways back in 2000, while the two worked together in Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones.

Just like any other Hayden rumor, this one is also never confirmed. At that time, Natalie was indeed dating one of her costars, but it wasn’t clear whether or not it was Hayden Christensen.

In one of his interviews, Hayden gave off a rather ambiguous answer about his relationship with Natalie.

“You know; you have to act a little bit if you’re really going to believe yourself in the role. We’re pretty good friends now, but you know, it’s something that you have to sort of belief.”

So what was the real answer, Hayden? Was it a “yes” or “no?”

Both Natalie’s and Hayden’s fans want them to date in real life and shipped them hard, regardless of the truth. But, it seems like it was more of their fans’ expectation towards them rather than what actually happened on set.

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