Who is Gugu Mbatha-Raw Boyfriend? Who is Her Husband?

Gugu Mbatha-Raw dating life and boyfriend

Gugu Mbatha-Raw is an English actress, which rose to prominence for her role in Doctor Who. She also made an outstanding performance in Undercovers and Tom Hanks’ comedy film called Larry Crowne.

She got many awards throughout her career, such as winning the BIFA Award for Best Actress and being nominated by the Evening Standard Theatre Award for Best Actress.

Her relationship is something that makes people love her. Unfortunately, she isn’t linked with many men. Still, she does have an exciting love story that we all will dig deeper into in this article.

Is Gugu Mbatha-Raw Married?

Like many celebrities who get constant exposure from media and paparazzi, Gugu likes to keep her personal life secret. She dated some men in the past, but she never revealed too many details about them and what was happening between her and her lovers.

At present, Gugu is not married and doesn’t have children. She is currently single and enjoying her private life.

We might not hear too much information about Gugu’s relationships, but it doesn’t mean she has not been busy. Gugu visited refugee camps in Rwanda back in 2018. It was Gugu’s first visit before declaring herself as a high-profile supporter of UNHCR. Even though she is busy with acting, she also enjoys her role as philanthropy.

A year after her first visit, she went to Uganda again. She explored the situation in the Rwamanja Refugee Settlement that was located in Kamwenge district in Southwestern Uganda.

At that time, the Burundian refugee crisis was one of the most neglected refugee camps, and that even motivated her more to help them and spread the word through her social media platforms.

Ever since her first visit to Rwanda, she never stopped spreading awareness about the health aspect and well-being of the refugees in the camp. In addition, she actively shares her pictures of revisiting Rwanda in 2019 and other refugee camps in several countries.

Not only that, but Gugu also maximizes her social media platform to share her thoughts on feminism. She declared herself a feminist and has been actively engaged in the #TimesUp movements.

Even though she is overly private about her personal life and relationships, she never dims her voice in issues that matter and are essential for a lot of people, especially after her role in Belle, which she mentioned to be one of her turning points to contribute in the feminism movement.

Knowing what she is up to this past decade makes sense that Gugu might leave a little room for her own love life. But, that doesn’t stop our curiosity about Gugu’s love life. So, let’s take a closer look at all of her past relationships.

Gugu’s Latest Relationship with Harry Lloyd, More than a Decade Ago

Gugu Mbatha-Raw was linked to Game of Thrones actor Harry Lloyd. However, it was a long time ago since they split. They broke up in 2012, and Gugu wasn’t seen to date anyone else after that, even though it’s been nearly a decade.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw with boyfriend Harry Lloyd
Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Harry Lloyd

Harry and Gugu seem to have one thing in common: they always kept their love life private. So, it is very hard to know any details about their relationships. We know that they parted ways in 2012, but we cannot know for sure when they started dating and how long they were together – let alone the reason behind their split.

Same as Gugu, Harry also didn’t seem to date anyone after the breakup. Either he enjoys his single life as well, or he just didn’t reveal it to the public due to maintaining his peaceful and secretive life.

Harry doesn’t even have any social media account, so we can know from here that he takes his privacy to another level.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Her Co-star, Nate Parker

There was a rumor going on that Gugu dated another actor, Nate Parker, shortly after she broke up with Harry. The rumor started after Nate and Gugu worked together in an American romantic drama film called Beyond the Lights. The critically acclaimed movie became a successful movie and brought Nate and Gugu closer than ever.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw with Nate Parker
Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Her Beyond the Lights Co-star, Nate Parker

The two were also seen attending some red carpet events for the movie. They often took pictures together, and they would make a great couple.

Unfortunately, neither of them ever addressed the rumor, and nobody confirmed anything. So it has stayed as a rumor until now.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Sam Reid

Another red carpet moment that Gugu shared with someone is with her co-star in Belle, Sam Reid.

As we mentioned earlier, Belle is the movie that contributes a lot to Gugu’s contribution to feminism and shaped Gugu’s opinion about it. Therefore, this movie means a lot to her.

In the movie, Gugu played the illegitimate mixed-race Royal Navy officer’s daughter. She was raised as an aristocrat by her uncle. Belle had difficulties being accepted in society due to her skin color. This movie emphasized the challenge faced by persons of color and people considered outcasts.”

She then fell in for John Daviner, an idealist that is played by Sam Reid. Both John and Dido Belle worked together to end slavery in England and Sam got the role of Lord Chief Justice.

This movie received a lot of positive feedback. First, of course, because of its plot and storyline. But, we cannot forget that Sam and Gugu’s chemistry also made a huge contribution to the movie’s success.

Ever since their outstanding performance in this movie, the rumor didn’t stop spreading around.

People Cannot Turn Away from Gugu and Sam’s Outfit in New York Premiere

Gugu and Sam also seized the audience’s attention with their look at the Belle premiere in New York.

It was mostly because the two looked stunning, and their outfits were amazing! Gugu wore a long green satin dress paired with gold and yellow jewelry while styling her curls into a chic updo style.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw with Sam Reid
Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Sam Reid

Sam‘s looks are also worth the attention. He wore a more modern red carpet look with a black tie with a white shirt and blue suit. He looks so handsome in that outfit, not going to lie!

When Sam and Gugu took some pictures together, many people could not help but wish to be a thing in real life. That’s why the rumor of them dating spread faster than Gugu and Sam expected.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything going on between the two. Gugu and Sam were good friends and supported each other, but that’s it; no romance sparked between Gugu and Sam.


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