“My greatest adventure to date”: Tim Draxl Has Been Dating His Boyfriend for A Long Time, But Are They Married Yet?

Known for his role in A Place to Call Home, the Australian actor Tim Draxl has always been at the forefront of promoting LGBTQ+ rights and equality.

Tim Draxl boyfriend Barrittone

In his Instagram posts, he often shares snaps of his love life with his long-time boyfriend, wellness influencer Barrittone. With how long they’ve been together, fans began questioning whether the happy couple is married!

Who Is Tim Draxl’s Partner?

Tim Draxl was in a pretty public relationship with wellness influencer Barrittone for several years.

Both love to pay attention to their physiques, so the couple often go on hikes and other challenging activities together.

Tim Draxl and Barrittone
Tim Draxl and Barrittone

In 2019, Tim posted a picture of him and Barrittone, referring to him as his “greatest adventure to date.” The Australian actor also posted an adorable shot of Barrittone sound asleep on top of Tim, and we honestly couldn’t help but coo over them!

While fans love their relationship, they began to notice that Tim stopped posting pictures with Barrittone sometime in 2020. The last picture in Tim’s feed that featured his lover was back in February 2020, when they spent the holidays skiing in Austria.

We’re desperately hoping they were opting to keep their relationship private instead of breaking up!

Tim Draxl’s Journey of Coming Out in His Mid-Teens

In an interview with Star Observer, Tim Draxl revealed that his passion to talk about his sexuality publicly was mainly because of his own experience of coming out during his mid-teens.

“It’s incredibly important for me to talk about it publicly,” the Aussie confessed. “When you’re living it and dealing with it yourself, you forget that other people are dealing with the same thing,” he added.

Although he figured out his sexuality in his mid-teens, it took Tim several years to come out, mainly because he was told that he “couldn’t be gay” if he “wanted a career in the entertainment industry.”

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The opportunity to come out publicly appeared right before Tim’s doorstep in 2019, where he was offered to participate in the cabaret show Love Is A Drag, which he claimed to be an “incredibly confronting and liberating” experience.

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