Tiffany Pollard Finally Found Happiness with Her Non-Celebrity Husband-to-be

Tiffany Pollard is known for her appearance in the first two seasons of Flavor of Love, sporting the code name New York.

Tiffany Pollard husband

She later also starred in multiple series spin-offs, focusing on her personal life and growth. 

Tiffany Pollard’s dating history is lengthy, as with any other reality show star. From multiple brief flings to two failed engagements, the TV personality has experienced them all.

Fortunately, Tiffany Pollard has finally found her happily ever after with her third fiancé. More on her love life below!

Is Tiffany Pollard Engaged?

In a special episode of I Love New York: Reunited in 2021, Tiffany Pollard announced that she had just engaged to her mystery boyfriend.

The news was brought after the host asked Tiffany what lesson she learned from starring in I Love New York.

“To find love the way I did, I stopped looking for it, and it literally found me,” she shared. “He’s an amazing man. He’s a big part of my life,” Tiffany added.

The reality show personality also claimed that while she had been engaged twice before, this time, the engagement and the relationship as a whole “feels so right.”

The engagement news came nearly a year after Tiffany told Entertainment Tonight that she was seeing someone and said someone was “a real gentleman.”

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It’s unclear who convinced Tiffany to settle down finally. Still, since all the public relationships ended up in shambles, staying low-key is the secret to Tiffany’s happy relationship with mystery fiancé!

Did Tiffany Pollard and Kamal Givens Revisit Old Love?

Tiffany Pollard and Kamal Givens relationship
Tiffany Pollard and Kamal Givens

While Tiffany Pollard and Kamal Givens’ relationship didn’t go past the point of a brief fling, it seems the couple was ready to relive some old flame more than a decade later! According to TMZ, Tiffany was spotted making out with Kamal on his new show, One Mo’ Chance.

The focus of this series was to show Kamal’s character development post-I Love New York, and who’s better to show the development to other than the one that got away, right?

Unfortunately, the second chance still didn’t work out for Kamal as Tiffany decided to fall for a non-celebrity instead!

When Did Tiffany Pollard Date George Weisgerber?

Tiffany Pollard Date George Weisgerber
Tiffany Pollard and George Weisgerber

Tiffany Pollard’s second engagement (eventually called off) was with George Weisgerber, also known as Tailor Made in the I Love New York 2. While things seemed right for the happy couple by the time George got down on one knee, it turned out that he concluded that their relationship “was too distracting.”

“He couldn’t consistently be involved in that kind of drama,” an insider shared. “It was too distracting to his life, his career, and his daughter,” the source added.

Furthermore, George, who was a salaryman before joining the reality show, decided to return to his old job after winning I Love New York 2, causing quite a culture shock for Tiffany, who “wasn’t used to” dating someone with a 9 to 5 working hour.

Tiffany and George made their split official on-camera in an episode of New York Goes to Hollywood.

Why Did Tiffany Pollard and Patrick Hunter Break Up?

Before George Weisgerber, Tiffany Pollard was engaged to the winner of I Love New York 1, Patrick Hunter.

Throughout the show, the couple appeared to be the perfect match, with Tiffany’s fiery personality and Patrick’s calm upbringing.

Unfortunately, their love story ended soon after, as publicly as how they got together. Patrick harshly called off their engagement on-screen during a reunion episode of I Love New York!

“I proposed to Tiffany, but I got New York,” he ranted. “I sat back and watched New York disrespect me and my mother and that can’t fly. It’s over,” Patrick stated seconds before he stormed off the stage.

Tiffany Pollard Paid Tribute to Past Fling Ahmad Givens

Ahmad Givens was one of the two Givens brothers who had a brief fling with Tiffany Pollard throughout the show. While neither of the brothers managed to charm Tiffany enough to pick them, they remained good friends and civil with each other.

Unfortunately, years after the series’ conclusion, Ahmad passed away due to complications of cancer he suffered. Tiffany paid a sweet tribute to Ahmad, referring to him as her “Homie” and that she will always love him.

In an interview with DJ Vlad, Tiffany shared how she was grateful to have the opportunity to reach out while Ahmad was fighting his illness.

“I let him know if he needed anything or if he needed me, I was there for him,” Tiffany shared on the phone. “He’d want me to turn up,” she continued.

Were Tiffany Pollard and Flavor Flav Dating?

Tiffany Pollard and Flavor Flav
Tiffany Pollard and Flavor Flav

The first man in Tiffany Pollard’s extensive dating portfolio was Flavor Flav, whom she met in the series Flavor of Love.

It was Flav who coined the name New York for Tiffany! Although they didn’t become the endgame in the reality show, Tiffany and Flav were reunited in an episode of Braxton Family Values, and Tiffany couldn’t deny that the old flame seemed to have sparked back up.

“When I saw him, all the old emotions kind of came back up,” she told OK Magazine. “There was a little bit of an embrace and a long kiss that lasted a little bit longer than it should,” Tiffany added.

However, the reality show personality decided not to go through with the emotions and “try to keep it in the friend zone” instead.

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