Thomasin McKenzie Was Spotted with A Mystery Guy, but Was That Really Her Boyfriend?

As an up-and-coming actress, Thomasin McKenzie is used to the jet-set lifestyle of Hollywood, including being invited to attend fashion events.

Thomasin McKenzie

This is why her first-ever dating rumors surfaced following her appearance with a mystery guy at one of those events!

Does Thomasin McKenzie Have A Boyfriend?

Courtesy of her Instagram page, Thomasin McKenzie seems single right now! While Thomasin occasionally posts pictures with several guys, fans noted that their appearance was a one-time thing.

Thomasin McKenzie love life

Thus, fans assumed that there was nothing more than friendship between Thomasin and the boys.

Additionally, Thomasin’s feeds are mainly used to promote her acting project or showcase her fun vacations with several friends. She also often shares her philanthropy work in Kenya with So They Can.

Well, Thomasin McKenzie may be single now, but she, indeed, is the perfect girlfriend material!

Are Thomasin McKenzie and Simon Mead Together?

Thomasin McKenzie and Simon Mead
Thomasin McKenzie, Simon Mead

In 2020, the NZ Herald spotted Thomasin McKenzie attending the Dior show for Paris Fashion Week with a mystery man in tow. Upon further digging, the man turned out to be fellow Kiwi actor Simon Mead!

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Fans were surprised since Thomasin and Simon had no prior (known) relationship. The two didn’t even star in the same show! However, the pair appeared to be close to each other, so people began to wonder if they were romantically involved at that time.

Amid multiple suspicions, a Redditor claimed that Thomasin and Simon were only friends and that the latter already had a girlfriend. Unfortunately, there’s no information about the said girlfriend, so fans should be satisfied with only wondering, it seems!

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