The Truth Behind Anthony Head’s Long-Lasting Marriage with Wife of 41 Years

Anthony Head is one of the 1980s heartthrob, thanks to his role in the hit series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Anthony Head wife Sarah Fisher

Despite gaining popularity since his youth, Anthony Head remains loyal to his long-time partner, Sarah Fisher! The pair are currently living with their two daughters.

When Did Anthony Head Meet His Now-Wife?

Anthony Head met his long-time partner, Sarah Fisher, between the late 70s and the early 80s.

Sarah is an animal expert, so they share their common love for animals, particularly dogs. Anthony and Sarah hit it off immediately and began dating shortly after meeting for the first time.

In 1988, the happy couple welcomed their first daughter, Emily, who is later known for her role in Emmerdale. Anthony and Sarah’s family expanded three years later with the birth of their youngest daughter, Daisy, who later starred in the hit series Harlots and Shadow and Bone.

Anthony Head and Sarah Fisher
Anthony Head with his wife Sarah Fisher

Although Anthony and Sarah have been together for more than four decades, their relationship status remains unknown! Several media reported them as spouses, while others insisted that the couple was never really interested in getting married.

Well, what matters is they live happily and in love even years later!

Anthony Head and His Wife Are Dedicated Animal Rescuers

Being married (or not?) to an animal expert also makes Anthony Head know one thing or two about animals and how to rescue strays.

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Several years ago, Anthony and Sarah managed to save a beautiful Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross named Faith.

The little girl was found running late at night in the traffic in Bear Flat, Bath, England. Anthony and Sarah were driving past on their way home, and when they saw her, they immediately stopped to rescue Faith. They later brought Faith to Bath Cats and Dogs Home.

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