Juliet Landau and Husband Deverill Weekes on Producing A Vampire Movie

For some people, Juliet Landau can never be separated from vampire themes.

Juliet Landau husband

She starred in the hit series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its subsequent spin-off Angel as Drusilla. She later starred in an episode of Criminal Minds, which, you guessed it, revolved around vampiric themes.

Now, what are the odds of her marrying a man with the same passion and interest? Juliet Landau and her husband enjoy diving deep to find the truth about the mythical creatures, and the couple have released their first movie project together, A Place Among the Dead!

Everything to Know About Juliet Landau’s Husband

Juliet Landau’s husband, Deverill Weekes, is no actor, but he understands how the movie industry works as he’s a notable movie photographer and cinematographer!

Juliet Landau and Deverill Weekes
Juliet Landau with husband Deverill Weekes (Getty Images)

The couple often worked together, mainly in photoshoots where Deverill photographed Juliet and other celebrities, but it’s harder to find a picture of Juliet and Deverill.

Deverill also often tags along his wife in multiple events like Comic-Con, using his utmost ability to photograph Juliet in her element.

The pair have always been private. They married in a low-profile and private small ceremony several years ago, and they were never really one to post PDAs on social media. Juliet’s Instagram page mainly focuses on promoting her works. Meanwhile, the most PDA Deverill ever shared was a short video of Juliet showing her achievements.

Proud husband moment alert!

How A Movie Became Juliet Landau and Her Husband’s Love Child

Having been long known as an actress best for vampiric shows, Juliet Landau took it into her own hands to direct a vampire movie with the help of her husband.

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Juliet is the main character, director, writer, and producer in A Place Among the Dead. At the same time, Deverill starred as Juliet’s on-screen husband and the director of photography.

“We found that vampirism was the perfect metaphor for the ultimate narcissist probably a couple of years ago,” Juliet shared in an interview with Fangoria.

“Deverill and I both come from this background, and we wanted to tackle something that society is reluctant to discuss,” she added.

Juliet also revealed how she and Deverill have been working as a team for a long time, helping them to be “making constructive, positive choices” throughout their relationship. Following the success of A Place Among the Dead, the spouses are now working on a non-fiction vampire documentary, The Undead Series.

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