How A Fan Fiction Earned Olivia Swann A Husband Without Her Knowing

Olivia Swann, mostly known for portraying Astra Logue in the TV series Legends of Tomorrow, is set to star in the upcoming NCIS spin-off, NCIS: Sydney.

Olivia Swann husband

The actress is getting more recognition thanks to her brilliant acting, and with fame comes nosy fans!

Yep, plenty of people begin to wonder about the existence of Olivia Swann’s husband, so we have compiled everything we know about the actress’s love life below!

Is Olivia Swann Married?

Rise and shine, Olivia Swann is very much on the market! The actress always keeps her Instagram feed boyfriend-free, so it’s fair to assume that the Aussie beauty is single and ready to mingle.

The closest Olivia has ever been to a wedding was when she attended her older brother’s wedding earlier this year.

Furthermore, Olivia never brings a mystery man as her plus one to red-carpet events. The last time she attended an event arm-in-arm with a man was at the BAFTAs last year when she posed with her “BFF,” Elliot Knight.

Olivia Swann Got Wedding Rumors Thanks to A Fan Fiction

Being involved in dating rumors because fans ship you with your co-star is one thing, but getting roped into a wedding rumor after there’s fan fiction using your name as the female lead is a whole other thing!

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Yep, that’s precisely what happens to Olivia Swann. When you look up the keyword “Olivia Swann’s husband” on Google, you best believe you will find a video of the actress “showing up” at her high school nemesis’ resort.

As amusing as it is, it was an excerpt from fan fiction! It’s unclear whether the female lead is actually Olivia Swann (the actress) or whether the author only borrowed her name for an original female character. However, that was enough to send fans into chaos for a minute!

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