Liev Schreiber: Facts Surrounding His Marriage & Ex-Girlfriend

Liev Schreiber dating history

Liev Schreiber has had a tale to remember. From his emergence in Hollywood to the state he currently is in, Schreiber is never far from the spotlight’s attention. Born in San Francisco, he made his debut when he appeared in the 1994 film “Janek: The Silent Betrayal.”

After his debut, his appearance in some high-profile films was easily noticeable. From the “Scream” trilogy to “X-Men Origins” movies, Liev Schreiber’s name soared high among the Hollywood top-notch actors. 

The eternal girlfriend and the actor’s first taste of the cupid’s arrow: Naomi Watts

Liev Schreiber
Photo: Liev Schreiber/Instagram

Despite his success stories stored superbly in his locker, Schreiber is still a mere human being. One thing about the American-born actor is that he is never shy to brag about his romantic tales openly. Well, why should he? Most women would look at him and certainly beg that he would date them, even though it may last for a night. 

Another reason to justify Liev’s bragging right is the woman with whom he once shared a special connection. The lucky woman? The Australian-born actress Naomi Watts.

Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts
Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber (Photo: Getty Images)

The relationship between Naomi and Liev is perplexing yet full of absorbing plot twists written all over it. Let us rewind the time, back to 2005 near Harlem and Bronx, New York City. 

During that period, Liev Schneider attended an invitation from the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s costume ball. The event was one of the major annual events held by the property and usually invited some high-profile artists to participate.

Liev, still a single man, saw a woman’s appearance that struck him in awe. According to his own accord, Liev described the moment as “like I saw a gleam of light.” What he saw that day was no ordinary girl. She was Naomi Watts. 

The two, noticing the admiration from both parties, moved into a more private talk behind the stage. Recalling the moment, Liev told People that he was “nervous as heck. Around her (Naomi), I could see Sean Penn and Benicio Del Toro talking. It was awkward and nerve-wracking.”

However, Naomi had her eyes solely around Liev, and the next thing we knew, Liev and Naomi had a “cupcake date” after the occasion. 

The date gave a lasting impression on Liev. He told People that:

“After the romance and that sweet talk, I shared a kiss with her. The kiss was the turning point since I thought I wanted to build a family with her after that. I love her so much, and let’s try to bring kids, our kids, into the world.”

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The happy couple spent another day exploring events and places around NYC. Some reports caught the pair having a flirtatious moment when watching U2. The couple then had a small brunch in downtown NYC. The couple took their relationship to another level when they were working on the same film, a 2006 film, “The Painted Veil.”

The couple’s happiness continued to pile up after Liev and Naomi announced their first child in 2007. Their firstborn, a son named Alexander Pete Schneider, would be safely delivered the year after the announcement. It took the couple a while before Samuel Kai, another son, came into their lives. Liev, seemingly overjoyed by the birth of his two sons, commented:

“I may look older, but I feel younger inside. Pete and Kai came into my world, and it gave another dimension to my life. My life would be even busier than before, but I relish it.” 

The couple never tries to make their relationship to be even more concrete. Well, at least they were happy with their state of affairs. But, the merry train finally reached its final destination in 2016. That year, the couple’s spokesperson told the media that Liev and Naomi chose to go part ways. The announcer said the decision was already on the couple’s minds since there was a rift between the pair. 

However, since there is no concrete relationship between the two, Liev and Naomi are still together. Of course, the couple has new partners, yet some fans still caught the pair hanging out with their kids. Liev told the press that he and Naomi are constantly thinking about their kids. “Her (Naomi) and I will keep the kids happy. They are the priority because when facing an abrupt end like this, things can get rough,” he noted. 

Well, Liev and Naomi had one eventful relationship that lasted for 11 years, and during that period, the couple showed that love can still prevail even without marriage. 

A new, blossoming love for Liev Schreiber

The world was in for another revelation when Liev stumbled across another oasis to satiate his thirst for love. The oasis we referred to was none other than Taylor Neisen

Liev Schreiber with his wife Taylor Neisen walking on the NY streets
Liev Schreiber and Taylor Neisen (Photo: Getty Images)

The news that Liev and Taylor might be dating each other sparked in 2017, a mere year after Liev and Naomi’s separation. The Teal Mango reported that some fans saw Liev and Taylor had an afternoon ice cream date in which Liev looked “completely head over heels for Taylor.”

What made the story even more interesting was that Taylor never publicly announced that she was in any relationship before. Some reports then took the liberty of saying that the pair may have been dating secretly. 

In the meantime, Liev and Taylor got along just fine and looked comfortable in each other’s company. The internet’s sleuths commented that there was a considerable gap between the two, and it might be one of the disruptive forces in the relationship. According to several sources, Liev and Taylor had a 25-year age gap. 

The couple finally solidified their union with an intimate wedding at their Montauk home in July 2023. Their celebration of love not only bound them together in matrimony but also set the stage for the arrival of their first child just one month later.

Schreiber, who already shares two sons with his ex Naomi Watts, welcomed this new addition to the family with open arms and a heart full of joy. The birth of their baby girl further enriches the actor’s life, balancing his demanding career with the fulfillment of family expansion and parenthood once again.

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If you ever wondered what Naomi’s reaction was when she heard the news, she took it with complete acceptance. She ultimately approves of the relationship between Liev and Taylor. The same source said that Taylor, Liev, and Naomi attended Samuel Kai’s graduation ceremony from junior high. Naomi was not alone. She participated in the ceremony alongside her new partner, Billy Crudup

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