Christine Adams Married Her First Love, and Their Romance Is Still Going Strong

Christine Adams is a familiar face on your TV screens, especially if you love watching Doctor Who, Pushing Daisies, and Heroes.

Christine Adams first love

While she appeared in multiple shows, many people are clueless that Christine Adams is married to her first love! The pair even have two daughters living a private life in Atlanta, Georgia.

Who Is Christine Adams Husband?

Christine Adams is a married lady! The actress married David Young several years ago. There’s almost nothing known about David, considering the couple seem to agree on keeping their relationship (and daughters) away from the spotlight.

However, David is reported to be Christine’s first love! Since their eldest daughter, Eva-Jean, was born in 2006, Christine and David might have gotten together around that time or even several years prior.

The happy couple welcomed their youngest daughter, Rae, in 2015.

Christine Adams Is A Devoted Wife to Her Congressman Husband in Ordinary Joe

Christine Adams and Adam Rodriguez
Christine Adams and Adam Rodriguez (Criminal Minds)

In 2021, Christine Adams scored a recurring role in the TV series Ordinary Joe. The series revolved around three parallel timelines in the life of Joe Kimbrau, the main character.

One of those timelines involved Bobby Diaz, a United States congressman portrayed by Adam Rodriguez.

In this series, Christine Adams portrayed the role of Regina Diaz, Bobby’s wife. You know, the typical devoted congressman wife at your service.

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Fans were ecstatic seeing Christine and Adam’s chemistry and couldn’t wait to see more of them in the upcoming seasons. Unfortunately, the dream ended as the series was canceled after only one season.

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