Getting to Know Up and Coming Actress Laya DeLeon Hayes and Her Possible Boyfriend

Laya DeLeon Hayes is one of the young up-and-coming actresses, thanks to her role opposite Queen Latifah in the series The Equalizer.

Laya DeLeon Hayes boyfriend

With how she gained significant attention, it’s only a matter of time until fans begin to dig into Laya DeLeon Hayes’ private life and wonder about any possible boyfriend.

Below, we have compiled everything we need to know about the young actress’s dating history!

Is Laya DeLeon Hayes Dating Anyone?

Laya DeLeon Hayes has yet to reach 20, and she already made a name for herself as one of Hollywood’s most promising young actors!

With the amount of projects she has been juggling, it’s understandable that Laya has not seen dating as her priority.

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According to her social media, Laya is single and happy! She has been focusing on work and spending her time off with close friends, as normal teenagers mostly do.

There are also no pictures of any young man touchy enough to be rumored to be Laya’s boyfriend, so it appears that Laya is not interested in exploring romantic relationships yet!

Was Laya DeLeon Hayes Dating Someone in the Past?

Digital footprints are for eternity, so when you become famous, best believe your fans could still learn about your past. This happened to Laya DeLeon Hayes, as fans discovered old pictures of her attending a friend’s birthday in 2016.

Fans began to speculate whether the friend, a.k.a Dante Brown, was Laya’s childhood lover or something.

Three years later, fans again speculated about Laya’s love life after she posted a tribute to her co-stars in Just Add Magic.

In one of the photos, she was seen holding a bouquet of roses while posing with Judah Bellamy. Considering that the roses weren’t present in any other of her pictures, fans began to wonder if Judah was the one who gave Laya the flowers!

Since Laya didn’t address the rumors, it’s best to let the teenager leave her life, guys.

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