Kimberley Nixon Navigates Through Life and Mental Health Issues with the Help of Her Loving Husband

Kimberley Nixon is mainly known for her role in the hit comedy-drama Fresh Meat. While starring in the series, the actress dated and eventually married the love of her life, a former filmmaker turned garden designer.

Kimberley Nixon with her husband Cai Howells
Kimberley Nixon with her husband Cai Howells (Photo: Instagram)

While their married life was bliss, Kimberley Nixon faced quite an obstacle after giving birth to her son.

Who Is Kimberley Nixon’s Husband?

In 2014, Kimberley Nixon married Cai Howells after dating for a decade. The pair mostly keep their married life low-key and rarely share snaps of each other on social media.

However, Kimberley took on Instagram to celebrate their 9th wedding anniversary earlier this month!

Kimberley Nixon weddings

“9 years married to my best friend today,” the actress wrote. “Life is good. Better with you,” she concluded.

In the caption, Kimberley also revealed that she and Cai would celebrate their long-lasting relationship “despite the heartbreaking losses and the absolutely incredible wins.” The losses she stated were probably used to refer to the post-natal mental health issue Kimberley experienced three years ago.

Kimberley Nixon response

According to Daily Mail, the Welsh actress felt that she “was beyond help” and felt “more isolated” due to the lack of information and help for new mothers with post-natal mental health problems.

“It can be any intrusive, taboo thoughts that repeat in your mind and torment you to the brink,” Kimberley opened up about her experience. “It is mental torture and unbearable to live with,” she added.

Fortunately, Kimberley has gotten better, and her husband’s endless support is integral to her healing journey. Until today, as their son has reached the age of three, Cai is still consistently proving himself to be the best dad ever.

Take notes, gents!

Did Kimberley Nixon Date Rupert Grint?

Before marrying her white knight, Kimberley Nixon was once rumored to be dating the Harry Potter franchise alum Rupert Grint!

Kimberley Nixon dated Rupert Grint
Kimberley Nixon and Rupert Grint

The rumors spread after they co-starred in a cliché teenage romance drama, Cherrybomb.

Kimberley portrayed the role of Michelle, a beautiful new girl who just moved from another town. Meanwhile, Rupert played the role of (you guessed it!) Malachy, Kimberley’s on-screen love interest, or at least one of them!

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Yep, Malachy and his best friend, Luke, portrayed by Robert Sheehan, tried to win Michelle’s heart through many ways.

The movie was a failure, but it only boosted Kimberley and Rupert’s romance rumors! Since both stars were very secretive about their personal lives (no one knows that Kimberley was already in a relationship with her now-husband!), fans began to wish for them to end up together in real life.

Things began to get out of hand after Daily Mail pictured Kimberley and Rupert spending New Year’s Eve together. While the alleged couple never addressed the speculations, the rumors eventually died as Kimberley and Rupert married their respective partners!

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