‘Wentworth’ Kate Jenkinson is Building A Happy Family with Her Partner Despite Swings Both Ways

Gaining mainstream popularity thanks to the hit Australian TV series Wentworth, Kate Jenkinson quickly became the talk of the town after coming out to be dating a celebrity personal trainer at the height of her success.

Kate Jenkinson partner

Several years later, she surprised fans after she revealed she was dating her now-boyfriend and baby daddy.

With how the public always seems highly interested in her personal life, Kate Jenkinson is never one to shy away from attention, proudly showcasing glimpses of her happy household through Instagram.

Who Is Kate Jenkinson’s Current Partner?

Kate Jenkinson surprised fans when she posted a picture of her new beau, Nathan Harding, with their two rescue dogs to celebrate his birthday.

Kate Jenkinson with her boyfriend Nathan Harding
Kate Jenkinson with her boyfriend Nathan Harding (Instagram)

The news was shocking, considering Kate was in a rather public relationship with Torri Shack. It’s unclear when Kate and Nathan started dating, but the first picture of Nathan she posted dates back to 2020. Kate herself has long identified herself as bisexual, even when she had just started dating Torri.

“I never, ever thought it was weird to like guys and like girls,” the actress shared in an interview with Curve. “If you’ve met the right person, it doesn’t matter what gender they are,” Kate continued.

In 2021, the couple welcomed their first son, Fletcher. Now, at least three years into their relationship, Kate and Nathan still appear to be very much in love with each other and enjoy spending time with their only son.

While Kate had the opportunity to spend more time with Fletcher in the set of Five Bedrooms (where Fletcher portrayed Kate’s on-screen daughter), Nathan is more than happy playing and having fun with their son at home.

It seems Kate has found her perfect person in Nathan, after all!

How Long Did Kate Jenkinson Date Partner Torri Shack?

In 2016, Kate Jenkinson surprised fans after she posted several intimate pictures with then-girlfriend Torri Shack on Snapchat.

The couple often shares adorable photos during their time together, from sunbathing at the beach to goofy mirror selfies. Rumor has it that Torri even brought Kate to meet her family!

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While fans assumed things were getting serious between the two gorgeous ladies, their relationship suddenly ended, with no one knowing when or why they separated. Despite the initial heartbreak felt by fans, at least we can rest assured now that Kate has moved on and is happy with her family!

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