A Glimpse of Jani Zhao’s Private Life with Boyfriend and Baby Daddy Ivo Ferreira

One of the most popular and versatile Portuguese actresses, Jani Zhao, started her career as a model.

Jani Zhao photoshoot

She ventured into Hollywood by appearing in box-office hits like Aquaman and Pilgrimage. However, one of her most notable works was probably Sul, which kickstarted her romance with baby daddy Ivo Ferreira.

Are Jani Zhao and Ivo Ferreira Still Together?

Jani Zhao and Ivo Ferreira started to be romantically involved in 2018 during the production of the 2019 movie Sul.

Jani Zhao and Ivo Ferreira

However, as Jani’s baby bump grew, the public only got glimpses of their supposed romance a year later.

Yep, Jani and Ivo share a son named Leo, who was born shortly after Sul was released. Throughout the promotional tour for the movie, the new parents had always appeared together, sitting side by side, although determined to keep PDAs to a minimum to none.

Their relationship happened shortly after Ivo divorced his wife of ten years, Margarida Vila-Nova. It’s unclear whether Ivo cheated on Margarida with Jani or he moved on quickly.

Since Jani and Ivo were completely private about their relationship, the actress never shared any pictures with her baby daddy, only sharing photos with their son.

Interestingly, in the latest picture Jani posted of her with Leo, she tagged Margarida’s Instagram handle! This caused fans to speculate that Jani and Ivo are no longer together and that she and Margarida became close due to a common enemy (re: Ivo).

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However, some believe the three adults had dismissed their differences and worked together to build a healthy, blended-in mixed family for the children.

Is Jani Zhao A Lesbian?

Susana Wang and Anna Eremin kissing scene

In 2017, Jani Zhao shocked fans as she portrayed a lesbian role in the Portuguese drama Jogo Duplo. In the series, she portrayed the role of Susana Wang, the on-screen love interest of Anna Eremin’s character.

What surprised fans was that Jani and Anna had a steamy make-out scene in the series. The scene was steamy enough for fans to begin questioning Jani’s sexuality. Not to mention that Jani posted three pictures from the scene on her Instagram account, claiming that the make-out scene was “made with lots of love and respect.”

“A team that is available and focused on doing the best,” Jani wrote. “The dedication and truth with you make me smile so much,” she concluded by praising Anna. In the caption, she also gushed that Anna is “a colleague every actress wishes to have.”

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