Jadyn Wong Only Has Kinds Words for Her On-Screen Spouse

Jadyn Wong spouse

Jadyn Wong is mainly known for her role as Happy Quinn in the 2014 TV series Scorpion.

It was also this series that gained her some notable dating rumors. Although, until this day, Jadyn Wong prefers to keep tight-lipped about her romance, a quick trip down memory lane won’t hurt anybody!

Does Jadyn Wong Have A Spouse?

According to multiple sources, Jadyn Wong has yet to get married, and some even reported her to be single. She was once rumored to be dating her on-screen matchup Elyes Gabel, who portrayed the lead male in Scorpion.

Jadyn Wong and Elyes Gabel married in the series
Jadyn Wong and Elyes Gabel

This rumor seemed fitting, as Jadyn and Elyes were married in the series, albeit it was only a matter of marriage of convenience.

Unfortunately, their shippers have to accept to get their hearts broken as Elyes turns out to be dating his on-screen endgame, Katharine McPhee.

Will Jadyn Wong and Eddie Kaye Thomas Bring Quintis to Real Life?

One of the most beloved on-screen matchups, Jadyn Wong and Eddie Kaye Thomas, are highly adored by fans. The couple (dubbed as Quintis by fans) went from two people with trust issues to (spoiler alert!) a married couple!

Jadyn Wong and Eddie Kaye Thomas co-stars
Jadyn Wong and Eddie Kaye Thomas

The pair aren’t only compatible on-screen, but their friendship is also solid off-screen, making fans hope that Jadyn and Eddie might also be dating in real life.

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In an interview with TV Insider, Eddie claimed that the slow-burn romance between Quintis makes sense since they “weren’t emotionally ready.”

“Change is inevitable,” Jadyn backed Eddie’s statement. “Toby has proved again and again to Happy that she can trust him and that he loves her,” the actress added.

While Jadyn has no problems gushing about her on-screen lover, fans should be happy and settle with on-screen romance as neither Jadyn nor Eddie is interested in bringing hints about their off-screen relationship!

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