Who is Simon Longnight? Inside The Man Dating Alyah Chanelle Scott

Alyah Chanelle Scott love life

Alyah Chanelle Scott’s career in Hollywood is only getting started. Like her initial career, most people did not know who Alyah was until she appeared as one of the main characters in the “The Sex of College Girls” TV series.

In this part of the article, however, we dive into Alyah’s innermost part of her life. A part solely focused on Alyah Chanelle Scott’s reported boyfriend, Simon Longnight.

Alyah Chanelle Scott and Simon Longnight

Alyah Chanelle Scott and Simon Longnight together
Alyah Chanelle Scott and Simon Longnight

There is one threshold before we start the tales of Alyah and her significant other’s story. Alyah and her boyfriend, Simon, rarely made a post on their social media account. They are even rare to flaunt their other soulmate on the internet.

Simon is also quite secretive about his private life. Far more secretive than Alyah already is. So, with that, let’s dive in. 

Alyah and Simon had been together for approximately six years. The couple started their journey together in 2016. Some sources we found claimed that Alyah and Simon met for the first time after working on the same stage.

It was unclear whether the meeting occurred when Alyah and Simon were in college or before their debut in Hollywood. One thing is for sure; the relationship seems to be going well. 

Like Alyah, Simon is also an upcoming actor trying to make his fortune in Hollywood. He had one job so far, as IMDb wrote in their article, a 2019 TV series called “Instinct.” He was among the few cast members for the “Hamilton” stage play in Los Angeles and Broadway.

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It was not shocking to see that Alyah and Simon maybe had a connection from the beginning since they are similar. Both are working as artists in Hollywood, trying to make a breakthrough in Hollywood, and they are in love with each other. 

According to our research, Alyah only shared one photo of herself alongside Simon. The photo uploaded to her Instagram account was a compilation of pictures of her doing some leisure activities with Simon and his friends.

Understandably, you want to spend time with your loved ones. The action was also the case with Alyah Chanelle Scott and Simon Longnight. Well, they are both human beings, so what do you expect? RMJ reported that the couple went on several outings together during their vacation and even attended some shows or concerts. 

From what we also found, it is the first reported relationship that Alyah has had since her debut in Hollywood. There are no reports of Alyah having an engagement party with Simon Longnight. It is even more so that Alyah had no children with Simon. The couple wanted to focus on their career, and so far, they have done it just fine. 

Sadly, one speculation came swirling around about the happy couple. The rumors came from our own since we have never heard or seen any publications about Alyah and Simon; we deduce that they are still a couple. However, since they keep everything about their private lives hidden under the shadows, one can only guess what happens backstage. 

Alyah only uploaded one photo of Simon, while Simon never uploaded any picture of him alongside Alyah. It was merely speculation with no concrete proof, but it looks suspicious.

The life and career of Alyah Chanelle Scott

Alyah Chanelle Scott

Alyah’s name is new; however, most younger viewers know her name. Alyah knew that she needed to devise a plan to win an audience inside Hollywood. A project that was solely about making an appearance around a TV series. 

The early days of Alyah Chanelle Scott were ordinary. According to Glamour Break, her father supported her family’s allowances by working as a finance manager, while her mother was a NASA engineer. Alyah, even though she didn’t come from a family with an art degree, felt that she could make an appearance in Hollywood. 

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After enrolling and finishing her study as a Bachelor of Fine Arts graduate, Alyah received her first role in the “The Book of Mormon” TV series. Since then, fate gave Alyah the chance to enter Hollywood. 

“The Sex Life of College Girls” offered Alyah the opportunity to become one of that series’s four main characters. She played her role perfectly, garnering much attention, especially for young viewers. After her successful debut as the main character in Hollywood, Alyah received another work in the “Reboot” TV series. 

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