Christopher Briney Is Totally Smitten With His Girlfriend of Two Years, Isabel Machado

Adding another name to the extensive list of up-and-coming heartthrobs: Christopher Briney!

Christopher Briney with his girlfriend of two years
Christopher Briney and Isabel Machado (Image: @isabelrmachado)

The actor gained quite a solid base of fangirls following his portrayal of Conrad Fisher in the series The Summer I Turned Pretty.

However, we’re incredibly sorry to break it to you, ladies: Christopher Briney is no longer single! He has been dating Isabel Machado for over two years, and they’re still going strong.

Inside Christopher Briney’s Adorable Relationship With His Girlfriend

Christopher Briney and Isabel Machado

Christopher Briney surprised fans when he attended the premiere of The Summer I Turned Pretty with a beautiful lady in his arms. The stunning lady turned out to be Isabel Machado, his girlfriend whom he had been dating for a year at that time!

Throughout their relationship, Christopher enjoys sharing pictures of Isabela on his Instagram page. For example, the actor showcased his photography skills by sharing a carousel of Isabela’s photos and some details.

Isabel Machado photoshoot

Christopher also shared a black-and-white picture of him and Isabela mid-cooking to celebrate their first anniversary in 2022. The young heartthrob confessed in the caption that he “could never want anything else.”

The Secret of Christopher Briney and Isabela Machado’s Young Love

For young people who became an overnight sensation like Christopher Briney, it wasn’t easy to keep his commitment to those around him before the stardom. However, Christopher seems to have no difficulties staying loyal to Isabela Machado!

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“We went to college together, and we lived together,” Christopher recalled about their first meeting. “We knew that we could do it,” he added, claiming that being friends first helped them better understand each other.

According to People, the actor also admitted that Isabela is generous with praises and often tells him that he’s pretty, which boosts his confidence. Christopher later explained that they always “support each other in anything.”

Now, that’s a healthy relationship we all want to see!

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