Here’s Why Kaitlyn Leeb Takes Her Husband’s Name Despite Not Being Married to Fellow Actor

When you’re a Hollywood actress, you usually prefer to keep your maiden name to avoid people not recognizing you anymore. However, that’s not the case with Kaitlyn Leeb!

Kaitlyn Leeb Husband
Kaitlyn with her husband Ted Leeb (Photo: Instagr)

The Canadian has been acting since 2006, long before she met and married her husband, but that doesn’t make her opt to keep her maiden name or even hyphenate them!

So, is Kaitlyn Leeb too devoted to keeping her maiden name instead of taking on her husband’s surname?

When Did Kaitlyn Leeb Meet Her Husband?

Kaitlyn Leeb, previously known as Kaitlyn Won before she got married, met the man of her dreams in 2012.

A year later, Kaitlyn and Ted Leeb married in a low-key ceremony in Toronto, nearly a decade since Kaitlyn got into showbiz.

There’s little known about their relationship, considering that Kaitlyn never shares any snippets publicly, and Ted isn’t a celebrity. So, it makes sense if the couple prefers to keep things away from the spotlight!

However, Kaitlyn doesn’t mind sharing glimpses of her life besides acting as a wife and mother of two. Yep, the actress and her husband welcomed the birth of their first daughter, Avery Elizabeth, in 2016. She later gave birth to her second daughter, Presley, four years later.

So, how do Kaitlyn and Ted keep their relationship all lovey-dovey after two children and years of marriage? Well, all the romantic getaways they take now and then play a big part in strengthening their relationship and, per Kaitlyn’s words, keeping Ted as her “fav person on earth!”

In 2022, Kaitlyn spent some time with her husband, enjoying a brief vacation “sans enfant.” She posted a selfie of her with Ted chilling in the background, referring to him as “Hot Daddy.”

Well, some flirting will never hurt!

Who Is Ted Leeb, Kaitlyn Leeb’s Husband?

Okay, now, you might wonder why Kaitlyn was willing to take her husband’s surname instead of keeping her own or hyphening their two names. As we all know, usually Hollywood actresses prefer to keep their identity or only change their names if their husbands are part of the industry.

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Well, it all will probably make sense once you discover that Ted isn’t just nobody! According to reports, he’s the Vice President at the BMO Capital Markets, one of the biggest stock markets in Canada.

Quite a force to be reckoned with, huh?

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