Erika Alexander Recalled Bittersweet Divorce with Her Ex-Husband

All the 1980s kids must’ve recognized Erika Alexander as Pam Tucker in the hit sitcom The Cosby Show.

Erika Alexander with pink hair

She also frequently guest-starred in multiple notable series, such as Criminal Minds, Grey’s Anatomy, and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Erika is also a writer and a businesswoman, being creative partners with none other than her ex-husband! Well, who said exes should cut off communication completely, right?

Erika Alexander Isn’t in A Rush to Find A New Husband

After being a divorcee for more than five years, Erika Alexander appears to enjoy her life as a single woman.

She even claimed never to see her status as challenging; instead, she revealed that her romance experiences have helped her feel “very complete as a woman.”

“Part of the reason that I didn’t have as many dates was because it wasn’t something that I lent myself into,” the actress admitted. “But I do believe in companionship, love, trust, and romance,” she continued.

While Erika agreed that love is “a beautiful thing,” she also gave her two cents and stated that it “doesn’t determine” her identity.

Erika Alexander Divorced Her Husband for 20 Years, But They Still Work Together

Erika Alexander and her screenwriter husband Tony Puryear
Erika Alexander and her screenwriter ex-husband Tony Puryear (Image: Instagram)

In 1997, five years after The Cosby Show concluded, Erika Alexander married screenwriter Tony Puryear. In an interview, Erika revealed that Tony was the second man she had ever dated, and she immediately knew that he was The One.

Their marriage lasted for two decades until they decided to separate in 2017. Being extremely private, Erika never really addressed the moment her marriage fell apart until years after the divorce was finalized.

“It was a very difficult breakup because I admire and love the man. We just didn’t get along,” Erika told EurWeb. “We just realized maybe we’re better apart than together,” she added, referring to Tony as a “wonderful” person.

The former couple remain friends and occasionally work together as they co-created the graphic novel Concrete Park.

Divorce Didn’t Stop Erika Alexander and Her Ex-Husband to Develop Their Joint Graphic Novel Project

Erika Alexander and Tony Puryear created Concrete Park in 2012 when they were still an item. However, after getting a divorce in 2017, that doesn’t mean the pair would abandon their joint project!

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As Erika said, she and Tony remain “creative collaborators.” The latest development of their collaborative project was to create NFTs for the characters from Concrete Park.

“Each is numbered and signed, and each NFT has its individual fingerprint,” Erika gushed about her new endeavors. “And the reason why people like them and they’re prized is that they’re rare,” she added.

Erika also revealed that the Concrete Park NFT is “the first officially licensed generative art NFT project in the graphic novel space.”

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