Danny Strong Has Been Engaged to His Long-time Girlfriend for Seven Years, But He’s Not in A Rush to Make Caitlin Mehner His Wife

Another successful Buffy the Vampire Slayer alum, Danny Strong, has established his career as an award-winning actor and TV writer!

Danny Strong wife Caitlin Mehner

The American actor has won two Emmys awards thanks to the success of Game Change, which he wrote.

Besides career success, Danny Strong is also prosperous in love life! He has been in a happy relationship with fellow actress Caitlin Mehner for a decade.

However, despite having been engaged for seven years, it seems that wedding bells won’t happen shortly. More on their relationship below!

Who Is Danny Strong’s Wife?

Well, not a wife yet, but definitely soon to be! Caitlin Mehner has been in a long-term relationship with Danny Strong since 2013.

Danny Strong and Caitlin Mehner
Danny Strong and Caitlin Mehner (Getty Images)

It’s unclear when the couple first met, but we think it’s evident that they connect instantly, considering the decade-long relationship they’re in! The couple currently lives together with their dog, Garbo.

With both of them being fellow actors and writers, it’s fair to say that Danny has no difficulties casting actresses for female roles in his shows, and vice versa! In fact, Caitlin starred as Paula Greene in Danny’s Dopesick.

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She was also there by Danny’s side, attending the Emmy and celebrating the major success of the show, which earned 14 nominations!

When Did Danny Strong and Caitlin Mehner Get Engaged?

In 2016, after three and a half years of dating, Danny Strong finally got down on one knee and proposed to Caitlin Mehner.

The Gilmore Girls actor announced the happy news on his Instagram, referring to Caitlin as “the cutest girl” he had ever seen.

“She gave me her phone number, but it was missing a digit,” Danny recalled about their first meeting. “So I tracked her down and asked her out. Then last night, I got up the nerve to ask her to marry me, and she said yes!” he continued.

Like any other great story, Danny also came up with the moral story of his and Caitlin’s love life: “Never be deterred by a missing digit.”

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