Dacre Montgomery Actor Profile: Movies, Girlfriend, Age, Height

Last updated: February 26, 2020
Dacre Montgomery
  • Net Worth: $
  • Quick Bio / Wiki
  • Birthday: 22 Nov 1994Age: 25
  • Country: Australia
  • Occupation: Actor
  • Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
  • Sexual orientation: Straight

Body Measurements

  • Height: 5.10 ft
  • Weight: 170 lb
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Eye Color: Blue

He has dual Australian and Canadian citizenship.

Who Is Dacre Montgomery?

Dacre Montgomery is an Australian actor. He is best known for his roles as Jason the Red Ranger in the 2017 film “Power Rangers“, and Billy Hargrove in the second season of “Stranger Things“.

His acting journey in the U.S. began with the debut in the psychological horror Christmas-themed film “Better Watch Out” in 2016.

Awards and Nominations

Dacre Montgomery has been nominated for Teen Choice Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards, MTV Movie & TV Awards.

Personal Life

  • Birth Name: Dacre Kayd Montgomery-Harvey
  • Nationality: Australian
  • Nickname: Dacre (Pronounced as Day-ker)
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Ethnicity: White

Family Details

  • Father: Scott Montgomery (Worked in the film industry)
  • Mother: Judith Barret-Lennard (Worked in the film industry)
  • Siblings: He has a sister who is 12 years younger to him.

Distinctive Features

  • Buffed physique
  • Dark brown hair and blue eyes

Dacre Montgomery Movies

Power Rangers 2017
Power Rangers (2017) Jason (Red Ranger)
Stranger Things 2017
Stranger Things (2017 - 2019) Billy Hargrove
A Few Less Men
A Few Less Men (2017) Mike
Better Watch Out 2016
Better Watch Out (2016) Jeremy

Dacre Montgomery Girlfriend

  • Liv Pollock Liv Pollock (2017-Present) He is dating Australian model Liv Pollock.

Dacre Montgomery Pets

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Dacre Montgomery Quotes

  • "We'd be doing parkour on my high school roof; we'd get in trouble. But I was never a reckless kid." - Dacre Montgomery
  • "It's more difficult for me to get into a character in the lead-up as opposed to leaving it." - Dacre Montgomery
  • "I love food, and my girlfriend comes from an architecture background, so we might open up a restaurant." - Dacre Montgomery
  • "It's not just the actor in front of the camera. And it's important to have respect for all those people that work behind the camera." - Dacre Montgomery
  • "You can't always be by the book every single day of your life." - Dacre Montgomery
  • "After Year 12, I went to Vancouver for my gap year and met an agent who told me to lose 25 kg." - Dacre Montgomery
  • "I wasn't a good kid in school. I wasn't a bad kid. I just didn't focus. My grades weren't good. I mucked around, you know, a phase everyone went through." - Dacre Montgomery
  • "I have the same wind-down routine when I go to bed, whether I'm shooting or not. It's nothing too special - maybe some TV, maybe a book. " - Dacre Montgomery
  • "My parents worked in the film industry, but they both worked behind the camera, so I like to think that I have a really good understanding of how all the parts of the puzzle come together to make a film or TV show." - Dacre Montgomery

Dacre Montgomery House

Liv Pollock and Dacre are natives of Perth, Australia they own hundreds of thousand dollars worth house in his hometown.

Dacre Montgomery Cars

  • Ford Mustang Mach 1 Ford Mustang

Dacre Montgomery Hobbies&Interests

  • Watching movies and television series
  • Boating and sailing
  • Reading
  • Listening to music

Dacre Montgomery Tattoos

  • Dacre Montgomery tattoo

    He has a tattoo with intricate black motifs on his toes.

Dacre Montgomery Fears and Phobias

Dacre doesn’t afraid of anything.

Dacre Montgomery Facts&Trivia

  • During his teenage, he was overweight and often had bad experience due to this.

  • Despite filmed in his homeland Australia, his first marked acting debut in Better Watch Out is called as an American movie.

  • In school, he was voted as “The most likely student to become a Hollywood star” in future by other students.

  • He was cast in a 2011 pilot episode of the series called Family Tree.

  • Power Ranger” has been his passion since his childhood.

Net Worth & Social Media

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