Who is Calum Worthy Girlfriend? Is He Married?

Calum Worthy girlfriend and dating history

It is futile to tell us that Calum Worthy is not one of the underrated actors of all time. From his dream at an early stage of his life to his successful career brimming with prizes, Calum, as his name suggests, is worthy to stand alongside Hollywood’s great names.

Calum Worthy Girlfriend, Celestia DeAstis

Like his career, many have little to no information about the “Coppertop Flop Show” actor. Fortunately, Calum tried his best so his loyal fans would know what he was doing.

Calum Worthy and his current girlfriend Celestia DeAstis
Calum Worthy and Celestia DeAstis (Instagram, @thecelestadeastis)

One thing that he kept bare open is his relationship with his companion, Celestia DeAstis

The Chicago-born actress came and appeared in several films or series, including the 2018 TV series “General Hospital.”

Calum Worthy with his future wife Celestia DeAstis
Calum Worthy, Celestia DeAstis (Image: Instagram)

Updated January 2024: The former Disney actress dated the Canadian actor in 2015. The relationship that began years ago, in fact, still stands strong to this day.

The romantic tales of Calum Worthy and Celestia DeAstis that began in 2015 will probably continue until the end. Well, that was the hope from us and the fans.

Well, we hope that this time, Calum will put a ring on Celestia’s finger and make them a couple that will stay for an eternity.

Calum Worthy Gay Rumors

There were two unverified reports about the Canadian actor. The first case was the speculation of him being gay. The incident came in 2017 when some fans asked a particular actor in which Calum came into play. 

The actor’s name was Ryan McCartan. Ryan, perhaps initially had no intention of making this a sensational topic, asked the internet about who is Canadian live near him.

He also followed the question by asking who was ready to marry him. One reader answered Ryan’s tweet and told him that Calum Worthy would be his ideal partner. 

The fans tagged Calum’s on that tweet. Soon, Calum came in and replied. He, seemingly trying to break the ice by making a joke out of it, answered with a straight “sure.” The news broke the internet apart.

Some fans have already thought about the possibility of another gay couple emerging in Hollywood. However, these fans did not notice that Calum already had a distinctive person in his heart. Celestia DeAstis was and still is Calum Worthy’s suitable partner.

Calum Worthy and Joey King

Another rumor that sparked the internet’s viewers was the report that Calum is having an “affair” with Joey King. Both artists were working on the same stage, the 2019 TV series “The Act.”

Calum Worthy with Joey King
Calum Worthy and Joey King (Getty Images)

Since the false announcement broke out, Joey King had a relationship with Jacob Elordi while Calum stayed in Celestia’s arms.

No confirmation from Calum nor Joey diminished the reports, and they continued their work calmly. 

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