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Angel Theory love life

In this modern age, where everybody is more aware of letting people do and be whoever they want, Angel Theory’s life still doesn’t get any easier.

In 2018, Angel Theory got bullied by many people for coming out about the fact that she likes women. People’s unsolicited comments and thoughts started to get on her nerves, which led her to write on her private Twitter. The tweet went by like this:

Angel Theory haircut
Angel Theory (Image: Instagram)

“Yes, I’m a girl who likes girls. Nothing complicated about it. Some of you act as if you’ve never heard the word ‘GAY.’ I am proud of who I am. As long as God, my family, friends, and fans love me for who I am, I’m not stressing about your negative attitude.”

However, she later deleted that tweet, and we don’t know why. That tweet has already gone viral, making more people love Angel Theory for being brave and taking pride in who she is.

And like what she wrote on Twitter, she never let people’s negative comments and attitudes affect her personal life.

Angel Theory with her girlfriend Dika Caray kissing
Angel Theory with her girlfriend Dika Caray (Image: Twitter)

She’s still going strong with her long-term girlfriend, Dika Caray, and their relationship is too lovely and heartwarming not to share with everybody in the world.

Angel Theory and her girlfriend Dika Caray

Angel Theory and Dika Caray started their relationship in 2015, and they’ve been together until now. Although they’re not big fans of revealing too many details about their love stories, they still make sure the world knows how much they love each other through social media and some of their interviews. 

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According to some sources, Dika Caray and Angel Theory met when Dika first learned to dance. The place and the exact date remained a mystery, but the two felt instant chemistry, and since they have the same values in life, the pair have never faced a challenging moment to share their deepest thoughts and secrets.

That’s what a healthy relationship should be, folks. 

Dika Caray and Angel Theory Are Doing Many Projects Together

Angel Theory and Dika Caray
Angel Theory and Dika Caray (Image: Twitter)

After eight years of being together, it’s understandable that people began questioning whether Dika Caray and Angel Theory would get married in no time.

Unfortunately, we’re unsure since the two have never addressed that question explicitly. It seems they are too comfortable with each other, and labeling their relationships or taking them to a more serious level doesn’t matter much to them. We can see that Dika Caray and Angel Theory are secure with themselves and their relationships.

These lovebirds continued to do projects together instead, and some of them were shared on their Instagram accounts. Angel once posted her picture with Dika Caray with the caption that went, 

“The Countdown starts now! TMMRW!! #EmeraldOrbs5 #AngelTheoryChoreography #MeetTheTheorys”

They are not only a great couple, but they complement each other’s work perfectly as well. 

It wasn’t the only post that showed us the project they were doing together. Still, in October 2020, Angel posted a more detailed video capturing the final result of their projects.

“Come through! #EmeraldOrbs5

I made this piece in Vancouver, Canada, and couldn’t see this done without my love @iamcaray by my side. With all the chaos in the world, we allowed ourselves to get lost in the one thing that has always been the most natural, positive, and biggest outlet in our lives: DANCE.

Dance is an international language we can all communicate what’s within & understand with just movement – Angel Theory.”

And, of course, most of the replies in the comment section were positive. One of their fans even said they were “a perfect couple.” We agree on that part, though!

What Makes Their Relationship So Perfect?

Dancer Angel Theory

At this point, we know that Angel Theory and Dika Caray are perfect for each other. This couple is inseparable: from having the same values in life to doing many projects together. However, that isn’t the only thing that makes their bond grow stronger day by day.

We’ve mentioned earlier that Angel Theory lost her hearing ability when she was fourteen. Although that never stopped her from reaching her dreams, people around her might act differently. And thankfully, Dika Caray isn’t one of those people. 

Dika mentioned several times in her interviews that her mother and girlfriend’s support had helped her get through most of her life’s difficulties. Being on Angel’s side during her most challenging moment could be the main factor why Angel and Dika’s relationship is so perfect (and why they stayed together for nearly a decade”.

Despite her disability to hear with one of her ears, Angel never allowed it to become a hurdle for her dreams. Currently, she does her dance training at Broadway Dance Center and keeps aspiring many young dancers to do the same. We love a confident and resilient queen like her, don’t we?

The Future for Dika Caray and Angel Theory

So, what’s next for this seem-to-be the perfect couple ever existed? If walking down the aisle isn’t on their plan, it’s hard to predict anything. Dika and Angel have never mentioned having kids and adding more responsibility to their relationships. Although we’re pretty sure that the two are tired of getting asked that question, Angel Theory and Dika Caray continued living according to their values. After all, they’re happy with how they live, and their relationship has taught us a lot, so who are we to judge them, right? 

We can only hope their relationship will continue to inspire more people and they will stay together for many years!

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