Who Is Nasim Pedrad Boyfriend? Her Love Life In Detail

Nasim Pedrad boyfriend and dating history

Nasim Pedrad is an American actress, writer, and comedian. She is well known for her career breakthrough in the NBC sketch variety, Saturday Night Live (SNL) on 2009-2014. She was also famous for Fox sitcoms Mulaney in 2014-2015 and one big hit New Girl in 2015-2018.

However, this Iranian lady, who has captured many fans’ hearts, has hardly left anything regarding her boyfriend. But worry not! Because in this article, we are going to dig well into Nasim Pedrad’s personal life, from her career, dating life, and many more.

Nasim Pedrad’s Bio: Age & SNL Career

Nasim Pedrad is a graduate of The University of California, born on 18 November 1981. She is a charming and charismatic person. Her personality is the main factor that leaves her audiences entertained and laughing, along with her excellent acting skills.

Nasim Pedrad snl quote

The 36-year-old former UCLA Spring Sing Company joined as the cast member of Saturday Night Live in 2009. This marks her appearance as the show’s first Iranian cast member.

During her years in SNL, Nasim has her best performance on impersonating many renowned celebrities, including Kim Kardashian, Shakira, Alicia Keys, Christina Aguilera, Nicki Minaj, Bruno Mars, and many more.

Nasim Pedrad’s Romantic Life Story: Is She Dating Her Co-Star?

Rumors were outrageously everywhere, stating that Nasim Pedrad is dating her co-star from the hit Fox show, New Girl, Lamorne Morris. Their appearance as a couple in their projects, including the movie, Desperados, added more fuels to their dating rumors.

Nasim Pedrad and ex Lamorne Morris
Nasim Pedrad and Lamorne Morris

Nasim Pedrad shared outstanding chemistry on-screen with Morris, first in New Girl in 2011. Then they both play in the same movie together, again involved in a love story called Desperados in 2020. Paired again after nine years, it sounds like strong chemistry, don’t you think?

In Fox sitcoms, New Girl, Pedrad and Morris played Aly and Winston, respectively. When their characters first met, Aly acted as if she had nothing to do with Winston except for their work matters. But as the series progressed, the audience was lured into their romantic love story.

To put it into perspective, they were first co-workers at LAPD, then they became friends. After that, both Aly and Winston fell in love with each other, ultimately becoming husband and wife and having a child together in the show’s last season.

However, the actors’ character plot was different in the Desperados. Still, they showed the same powerful chemistry and sparked the same fire. Hot alert!

In the Netflix film, Desperados in 2020, Pedrad portrayed a major character, Wesley. The film’s premise begins when Pedrad’s character, Wesley, sends an angry email to her boyfriends, thinking that he ghosted her. But little did she know that her boyfriend has just had an accident in Mexico.

Thinking that her email would ruin her relationship, Wesley decided to take off to Mexico with her two best friends. And on the way there, the plot thickens; she meets Morris’ character, Sean! Wesley and Sean had dated earlier in the past, and somehow the universe conspires to make them bump into each other. Pedrad and Morris get entangled in their private love affairs in the journey to mend her mistake.

So, when Pedrad and Morris reunited for Desperados, some fans took it as a sign that sparks were flying behind the scenes. In response to an Instagram post that Morris shared in June 2020 to promote the film, one fan commented, “Can you please be together? Like OMG, the chemistry is intense.” Another wrote, “I loved watching you guys fall in love all over again as actors.” But by keeping their respective love lives privately, Pedrad and Morris have kept us guessing about the true nature of their relationship.

A Bit About Lamorne Morris: Relationship Truth and History

Lamorne Morris probably has several reasons as to why he keeps his relationship to himself only. In a 2018 Ebony interview, he intimated that an ex-girlfriend cheated on him. Since then, he’d struggled with trust issues.

“She stepped out on me with a star, and that had my head spinning in all kinds of circles,” Morris recalled. But when asked for more details of who the ex-girlfriend was, Morris refused and stated that he respects her privacy, noting, “I don’t want to incriminate anyone by saying too much more.”

Nasim Pedrad with boyfriend Lamorne Morris
Nasim Pedrad and Lamorne Morris (Photo: N.P/Instagram)

However, Morris has only been seen with one girlfriend publicly. She was E! News host Erin Lim – with who he attended the 2017 Emmy Awards. The couple was reportedly together for just over two years before breaking up. Lim is now married to Joshua Rhodes, the creative director of the clothing brand, The Last Adam.

So, despite the mystery surrounding his love life, Morris told Glamour that his relationship with one woman assembles more attention than any other, and that’s our featured celebrity in the article, her very own, Nasim Pedrad.

As Morris stated, “We did ‘New Girl’ together when we played husband and wife and were in a movie together [Desperados], where we were a couple, so people think we are together or should be together. I constantly get those messages.” Morris added, “She’s one of my favorite people, if not my favorite person, to work with.” Okay, Morris, if so, date her already!

Is Nasim Pedrad Single? Is She Married?

We’re just as curious as you are! But one thing to acknowledge is that Nasim Pedrad right now is on the top of her career. She has an incredible journey as an actress and comedian, and as far as we concern, she is super busy.

Yes, it might be that working crazy hours on different projects had hardly left her time for meeting and having romantic dates. And preserving privacy is one thing most celebrities would kill for, so we have to respect her for keeping people out of her business.

But to not keep you wondering, Nasim Pedrad seems single with no boyfriend or partner of any kind and has no ring on it, so she is yet to be married.

Nasim Pedrad’s View on Her Family Life

Nasim is the least hesitant to show her relationship with her family, as she is entirely open to discussing it.

She occasionally shares her pictures of them on social media and shows her love and affection towards her family. Her family includes her parents, Arasteh Amani and Parviz Pedrad, and her younger sister, Nina Pedrad. Nasim and her parents lived in Tehran until 1984, before immigrating to the United States at three.

One fantastic thing is that her sister, Nina Pedrad, is a comedy writer, and she wrote many episodes of New Girl, 30 Rock, and Will & Grace. Now we know why Nasim’s appearance on New Girl is fun and very relatable!

Not only with her parents, but Nasim also shares her equal loving bond with her grandmother. When asked in an interview in 2014, she answered her most significant source of laugher was her 90-year-old grandmother. The latter delivers the best burns she’s ever heard in the shortest amount of words.

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