Who Is Emily Hampshire Dating in 2023? Is She Married?

Emily Hampshire dating history

Emily Hampshire is a famous Canadian actress who is known for her role as Angelina in the 1998 romantic comedy Boy Meets Girl. On the television front, she is well-known for her role as Jennifer Goines in the Syfy drama series 12 Monkeys and Stevie Budd in the CBC comedy series Schitt’s Creek.

While her on-screen character Stevie had a pretty messy love life, Emily on the other hand had a far less complicated dating history.

Who is She Dating? Past Relationships

Emily Hampshire is a very pretty lady and she has not linked many guys in the past. She has only been romantically linked to two people. But till date, the actress hasn’t spoken about her potential boyfriend.

In May 2019, she surprised her fans when she took to Instagram to announce that she was pansexual. Emily likes to keep her love life very private. Stay tuned to out more.

Emily Hampshire and Teddy Geiger Were Engaged for Seven Months

Like her fellow celebrities, Emily Hampshire often shares her activities and thoughts on social media, especially Instagram. But, we hardly see the Boy Meets Girl overshares her love life in there.

Teddy Geiger and Emily Hampshire dating
Teddy Geiger and Emily Hampshire (Getty Images)

Throughout Emily’s entire career, she has only been romantically involved with two men. However, her love life started to bloom again in 2018, after her boyfriend Teddy Geiger officially announced their relationship in August 2018.

It was such fresh air for Emily’s fans since she was single for a long time after she split with her previous husband. Teddy made a transition to becoming a woman, though. In 2017, Teddy proudly announced his decision, and it got full support from Emily as well.

The news about their engagement was also posted on Teddy’s Instagram, with the picture of Emily’s selfie, and he wrote a caption, “Just me & my girlfriend.”

The pair soon got engaged in November. Even though it was considered a bold and fast move, their fans were confident in them because the two looked very much in love and away from any drama.

On Teddy’s Instagram, he wrote another heartwarming caption about their engagement, saying that Emily asked first to spend his life forever with her.

“When she asked me if I wanted to spend the rest of our lives together, I said: INFINITE YES. I love you, @emilyhampshire.” Awe, no wonder everybody thought they would be together for a long time. They were just the sweetest!

The caption that Teddy wrote is for the picture of Emily on the bed, holding a giant pillow. She looks lovely, and we can see from the photo that she is entirely comfortable with Ted’s company.

What Makes This Sweetest and Most Supportive Couple Split?

Unfortunately, their sweet moments had to come to an end. They couldn’t make their relationship last. Teddy and Emily broke off their engagement seven months later. A reliable source even told Page Six that the couple “will not get back together.”

The couple made their last appearance together on March 27, when they attended the Canadian Screen Awards and were beautiful wearing dresses.

Emily Hampshire with her partner Teddy Geiger
Emily Hampshire and Teddy Geiger (Getty Images)

Teddy wore a long pink dress. Meanwhile, Emily wore an elegant gold and black dress. Even though it was their last picture together, there wasn’t any sign of them ending their relationship not long after that. Therefore, people were surprised by their breakup news.

What really happened between them, though?

Teddy and Emily seemed hesitant to talk about their relationship in public, let alone the reason for their breakup.

On Being Comfortable in Her Sexuality

However, a month before they split, Emily announced to the world that she was pansexual. She came out on Instagram, and she received various responses either from her fans or just people in general.

She said in her caption that being pansexual was just like being “attracted to the wine, not the label.”

One of the significant turning points that helped Emily know deeper about her sexuality and be brave to admit it publicly was her time starring in Schitt’s Creek.

“I think it has taught me that true love, like pure love and whoever you love, is OK,” told the actress in her interview with People.

She then added, “That is what Schitt’s did. It normalized all LGBTQ+ relationships. They didn’t have a gay couple on the show having this difficult, hard relationship; they just were like any other couple, and that’s what was so great about it.”

Well, everybody should be proud and embrace their sexuality, right? And Emily has been a good example to her fans and other people to be proud of who they are.

After her coming out and her split with Teddy, Emily doesn’t date anyone. We hope to hear a new guy in Emily’s life, hopefully soon!

Maintaining Marriage with Matthew Smith for Nearly Ten Years

Before getting engaged with Teddy Geiger, Emily was married to Matthew Smith, a former football player who turned into agent-in-training at the William Morris talent agency.

Emily Hampshire and ex husbandMatt Smith
Emily Hampshire and Matthew Smith

“He always wanted to be a sports agent like Jerry Maguire,” she proudly told The Star about Matthew.

Matthew and Emily tied the knot in 2006, and their marriage seems to be far from any drama. They stayed together for almost ten years before finally divorced in January 2015. Some sources claimed that it was due to major differences between them, but Emily never confirmed anything or spoke publicly about it.

Matthew and Emily both seem to be very private people. While Emily had social media, it wasn’t the case with Matthew. He seems to enjoy his anonymity and peaceful life without seeing what people have to say on social media.

What Emily Was Willing to Open Up About: Her Tinder Experience After the Divorce

However, Emily did admit something after the divorce; she was into dating apps, and she couldn’t deny that it helped her be more ready to enter the dating scene again.

She openly shared her experience going on a date with one of her tinder matches, and she said that she “burst into tears.” “I was freshly divorced and probably not ready to put myself out there,” she revealed.

“Tinder had just come out, so I started swiping. I see this guy sans tiger. And he looks clean and, like, employable and not a serial killer. So, like all the boxes: check, check, check.” Her story makes us even more curious about the reason for her divorce, right?!

Long story short, she revealed that as soon as she and her Tinder date sat on the table, she burst into tears (literally), and her date tried to calm her down, and her makeup even rubbed off on the guy. LOL!

“When he hugged me with his very clean white shirt, I basically left an imprint of the joker’s face on his white shirt.”

Even though she thought it was pretty embarrassing, she didn’t have a problem making it a joke in her interview. She even said that the worst part of the date is “having her.” So now we have even more reason to like her!

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