Who is Davey Havok Wife? Insight Into His Career & Relationship

Davey Havok wife and dating history

Davey Havok, who we probably know for his eccentric style, is an American singer and a lead vocalist of the rock band AFI, Blaqk Audio, XTRMST, and Dreamcar. His genres are hardcore punk and electronic rock.

Not only famous as a musician, but Havok is also very vocal in encouraging people to be vegan and take care of animals, resulting in him getting the Hero of the Year for Animals Award from PETA in 2016.

However, there are still many exciting facts about Davey Havok; one is the details about his relationships. We will dig deeper into Davey Havok’s personal life!

Is Davey Havok Gay?

As hot and fashionable as he is, there is a rumor going on the internet that Davey Havok is gay and even bisexual! This rumor has been talked about by many of his fans on social media, and a lot of news has made this their headline. But is this rumor true?

Well, it’s common to assume that a beautiful guy like Havok, with his heavy make-up and accessories, is gay. Some rumors said he is gay, and others stated he is bisexual.

But, worry no more! He is not gay or bisexual! His best friend Jade, a guitarist in the AFI, made a statement that Davey Havok is neither.

“Sorry to burst your bubble, but Davey is not gay or bi. Just because your friend heard he was gay or you have read it on some messages board doesn’t make it so.” Jade posted that statement on AFI’s official message boards.

“It’s pansexual, that sort of reach. It’s a wonderful side effect of what we’re doing, giving someone the strength to come out of the closet to their family or present themselves aesthetically in a way they feel happy with, whether or not their friends are going to be allowed. To like them anymore.”

So, instead of identifying himself as straight, he sees themselves as pansexual. However, his past relationship indicates that he is straight because he has only dated girls so far. We will break down each one of Havok’s ex-girlfriends one by one!

Relationship with Brittany Bowen: Are They Still Together?

After knowing that Havok isn’t gay, here’s more to make you girls relieved: Davy Havok is currently single. He doesn’t have a wife, a girlfriend, or hook-ups at the moment. Nevertheless, he does have some lists of girls he’s been attached with.

Davey Havok and Brittany Bowen
Davey Havok and Brittany Bowen

Davey Havok was rumor to be dating Brittany Bowen, a famous American model, in 2006, but they are no longer together. It isn’t clear when and why they broke up, but Brittany Bowen is dating Jared Mort at the moment.

Since Havok is a pretty private person, he hardly talks or discloses anything about his relationship in his interviews. Some media said the relationship is still going strong, and others claimed they already broke up a long time ago. Nevertheless, we still can see the depiction of their romantic life through their pictures, so we’re not completely in the dark!

There are several pictures of Havok and Bowen. One of them is them kissing on the lips passionately. They also took selfies together, and some paparazzi caught them hanging out together, but where and when exactly that pictures were taken remained unknown.

Even though Havok and Bowen neither confirmed nor deny their relationship, the pictures showing them kissing on the lips send quite a clear message.

Unfortunately, not much information we can dig from this couple. Besides talking about his music career and his vegan experience, Havok didn’t talk much about personal stuff. Too bad, though. His love life must be very extraordinary and exciting!

So, to answer whether or not it is a real thing: yes, it is. Davey Havok and Brittany Bowen were dating in real life, starting in 2006, but it wasn’t clear when and why they broke up.

Looking Perfectly Good Together with Ivy Levan

A beautiful Ivy Levan is an American singer, songwriter, model, and actress. She is most famous for her appearance in The Rocky Horror Show film. It sounds like a perfect match with Davey Havok, right?

Looking at their fashion style, they both are into dark and gothic style, which make them look perfect together. Their pictures of them cuddling each other looked perfect! Levan was wearing a black T-shirt, and Havok was shirtless, showing his cool tattoo.

Levan and Havok also worked together for Levan’s music video Hang Forever. Havok replied to Levan’s tweets by saying, “You are natural. Thanks for casting me in this” back in 2014. A lot of their fans were replying to his tweets and saying they enjoyed their work together.

Unfortunately, the media claimed that Davey Havok and Ivy Levan were just a fling. They were hooking up for a very short time in 2006 and went their separate way in the same year. 

Monica Parker Cheated on Davey Havok? The Truth has been Revealed

This time, Davey went a little more serious. Davey Havok was engaged with Monica Parker in 2001 and then went their separate way in 2002. Before they got engaged, they were dating for two years. Monica Parker is an English actress, and we can see her performance in Defiance. 

Even though they’ve been together for quite a long time, there aren’t many details about their relationship. There is one, though, and that is the rumor that they broke up because Parker cheated on Havok. For real? How can someone as hot and humble as Havok can be cheated on?!

Rumor has it. Parker had an affair with Matt Shikba, a very well-known co-lead vocalist from Blink 182. Well, Parker seems to have a thing for a rock band vocalist. She’s a hot and good-looking gal as well. So, there you go!

There was no confirmation about the cheating rumor from both of them. When it comes to dating life, Monica Parker is also very secretive about revealing information. 

So, after going through Davey Havok’s personal life and relationships, we can conclude that even though he’s a famous and eccentric rock band lead vocalist, he is a pretty closed-off person and has a robust principle about things that matter to him.

Not only Hot and Multitalented, but Davey Havok is also a Vegetarian 

Davey Havok recently has been pretty vocal about his views on being a vegetarian and vegan. He was a vegetarian for two years before he decided to be vegan.

He won World’s Sexiest Vegetarian contest that PETA held! When most musicians are into drugs and get overdosed, Havok takes a different path!

Havok is very excited whenever the media asked them about his experience being a vegan. His dedication to saving animals doesn’t stop by not eating meats; he also doesn’t wear any leather-based material clothes. In Havok’s opinion, that also contributes to animal suffering. 

He also disclosed that being a vegan isn’t always easy. He said the most significant thing that contributes to his journey is a book called Diet for a New America: How Your Food Choices Affect Your Health, Happiness, and the Future of Life on Earth by John Robbins. And he had to find out his way to survive in a place where doesn’t serve many choices for vegetarians and vegans.

“Unfortunately, the diet is relatively expensive if you’re not cooking yourself. The social aspect can be hard if you don’t have a peer group that eats like you. Which I’m lucky because my tour manager and my bass player are vegan.” He told that in his interview with Ones To Watch.

So, Davey Havok is not only hot and multitalented but cares about animal rights, too? Buckled up, ladies, we just found our boyfriend material here!

More Awesome Facts about Davey Havok: An Avid Reader Who Had Published Two Books

Being an author is one of Havok’s passions. It made sense since he took English and Psychology double major at the University of California, Berkeley. What kind of books that he’s into, though?

The first book that he published is a novel called Pop Kids. The story is about depicting our modern life, especially in the entertainment industry: superficial things that people care about, sex, drugs, fashion models, celebrities, and the lists go on. Some of his fans presumed that book more or less describes Havok’s thoughts and feelings, but Havok didn’t confirm that assumption.

His second book, called Love Fast Los Angeles, still emphasizing modern culture as a party photographer. However, instead of writing with a negative view of modern society like his previous book, he embraces the art and superficiality of the modern world.

He also stated in one of his interviews that he always loves reading. Though he didn’t finish his college degree at the beginning of his career, he didn’t stop doing what he loves.

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