Who is D’Arcy Carden Husband? An Insight Into Her Marital Relationship

D'Arcy Carden husband Jason Carden

It seems normal for actresses in Hollywood to be surrounded by many men and frequently changes romantic partners to keep being in the headlines. But, that’s not the case with D’Arcy Carden.

Though D’Arcy has appeared in many big hit movies such as Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Bombshell, she maintains a low profile and is away from the spotlight.

Throughout her career, D’Arcy is only linked to one man. She is also overly private about her personal life, let alone her love journey. Worry no more, though, because this article will provide more details about D’Arcy Carden’s ups and downs in a relationship!

Is D’Arcy Carden Married?

As we have mentioned earlier, D’Arcy is only linked with one man throughout her life. He is an American producer and actor, Jason Grant Carden. His works were The To-Do List in 2013, Rhonda Casting in 2009, and The Onion in 2007.

D’Arcy Carden and Jason Grant Carden (Getty Images)

Jason and D’Arcy have been married for more than a decade now! They haven’t had any children, though. They tied the knot On July 31, 2010, and had been going strong ever since.

Just like D’Arcy, Jason is quite successful in his career. He is the vice president of the development of Sethmaker Shoemayers Productions, which started in August 2017. Before that, he was also an executive producer at The Walcott Company, a successful production company that produces Bachelor Party and Hoops. Jason worked there from May 2015 to June 2017. He is undoubtedly well known as a producer.

This has seized people’s attention. So naturally, we are very curious about D’Arcy’s personal life. Still, we cannot deny that Jason’s life also picks our interest.

Jason is a man of hard work. Nothing he got on his career that didn’t come from his hard work. 

Before being a producer, Jason had worked as a front office manager, assistant to the marketing director, production coordinator, and associate producer. He graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in which he graduated from in 1998, majoring in Theater Fine Arts.

Birds of the same feathers flock together indeed. D’Arcy is also a talented, driven, and hard-working kind of girl. When she still struggled to pursue her acting career in her early journey, D’Arcy had a side work as a nanny. And it was a while before she decided to focus on the comedy genre.

“I didn’t know that comedy was an option unless you were going to be a stand-up comedian, or maybe unless you were going to be on Saturday Night Live. So I would always get cast in these Shakespeare plays as the funny old lady or the funny prostitute or whatever.

And it still didn’t quite click that I was a comedy actor.” She explained in her interview with Vanity Fair. Though that’s the case, we all agree that her talent is undebatable because she has won many awards, from the Drama Desk Award to Gotham Special Jury Award.

From A Best Friend to A Husband

D’Arcy and her current husband had been friends for a long time before they were together. They met in Disneyland and working on a play together in 2000, and they were best friends before getting married.

Photo: Instagram @darcycarden

The two also described that their chemistry happened the second when they met for the first time. Not long after their first encounter in San Francisco, they soon hang out together right away.

They also discovered that they still have their children side inside since the two were big fans of Disneyland, in which they went together also. 

They fell in love, working on two projects together, and then decided to get married, and they were inseparable ever since.

D’Arcy also described that marrying her best friend is the best thing ever. She said waking up next to Jason Carden is super exciting for her. What a perfect life that she has there.

“It must be fun to wake up next to your best friend and know that your life will never be boring,” stated D’Arcy in her interview with SuperbHub

Though they aren’t the only couples that started from being close friends before romantic ones, we cannot deny that not many celebrities are going through that phase, especially in these modern times.

Another exciting thing about this couple is we hardly hear any negative rumors about them. They’re entirely under the radar, but people know that they’re still together.

Well, D’Arcy indeed usually played a funny but good-girl mother-material alike character. Still, we might not expect it would align in her real life as well, right?!

Showing The World How Much They Love Each Other

Jason and D’Arcy is the type of couple that doesn’t reveal too many details about what’s going on between them. But thankfully, they like to post a lot of their pictures together on social media, both on D’Arcy and Jason’s Instagram pages.

Photo: Instagram

Jason posted D’Arcy’s picture many times there. Even in Jason’s photos, D’Arcy called Jason “not just hot but also nice.” 

Jason Carden never hesitated to show the world how much she loves his wife since his Instagram account is full of D’Arcy pictures. It shows us how they are still pretty much best friends after their marriage.

D’Arcy, though she didn’t appear much on the interview, has more than 2000 pictures on her Instagram, and some of them show her cute moments with Jason. From going on road trips, attending events, family gatherings, to playing with their pets together.

D’Arcy and her husband didn’t only post photos where they do romantic stuff but also goofy things. They reveal the more childish side of them as they grow older. Some celebrities stated that the key to a long-lasting relationship is having the same sense of humor with your partner. D’Arcy and Jason know how to do that. 

Not only that, D’Arcy and Jason also made their appearance publicly when they attended red carpet events together. One picture of them holding hands in one of the formal events where the two look stunning. Jason wore a semi-formal black tuxedo and a black T-Shirt.

Meanwhile, D’Arcy was wearing a polka dot dress, looking feminine and classy. The two looked pretty comfortable with each other, showing their best smiles.

Awe, they are indeed so cute together!

D’Arcy and Jason Never Want Kids?!

After more than ten years of being married, they haven’t had any children. So it’s not clear whether they don’t want a baby or they aren’t able to have one. But that’s not the end of the world for them. They had fun playing with their dog named Penny, and they mentioned they treat the dog like their own baby.

Photo: Instagram @darcycarden

However, suppose we want to find out more about their shared moments. In that case, we can only hope from Jason’s social media since D’Arcy is not fond of talking about her love life.

Well, she mentioned few things about “getting married” and “having kids” on her Twitter, but don’t get your hopes too high because she only did that to promote her well-known TV Series, The Good Place

D’Arcy tweeted a picture of her with her friends on the set of The Good Place with the caption saying, “we’re getting married,” but that implies for Janet – her character in the show – with Jason Mendoza. The latter also starred on the show, played by Manny Jacinto.

D'Arcy Carden twitter
Photo: Twitter

Other than that, she once also mentioned her “forgetting to have a baby,” but we’re not sure the tweet is still there. Some of her fans got suspicious about that tweet, presuming that D’Arcy doesn’t have kids because she indeed doesn’t want to. But, D’Arcy never confirmed this explicitly.

We still can enjoy D’Arcy’s funny tweets and regular posts about her dog, though! Last month, she shared her moment with Penny on her road trips: sharing pictures of her and Penny in a car with a funny caption, “road dogs.” The tweet got more than 5,000 likes and 85 retweets.

We can see that many people love her since there are some comments on her tweets saying that she looks cute, beautiful, and adorable. Well, it’s impossible not to love her since she seems very loving and humble. Her moment with Jason is also enough to brighten anyone’s day.

However, we cannot find any pictures of D’Arcy and Jason’s wedding. That’s too bad. It seems like they held a private wedding where it was only attended by their family and closest friends. No media or any headline on the news. 

On Moving to Los Angeles Three Years After Getting Married

Three years after their “I do” moment, they moved to Los Angeles, specifically in 2013. They previously lived in New York City and decided that moving to Los Angeles would be more convenient for their careers. 

The two had been settled down in Los Angeles until now and keep enjoying their happy married life. It would break our hearts if they someday decide to split. We hope that this couple will stay long!

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