Lee Min-ho Dating History: A Wild Ride Through the Past

Lee Min-Ho dating history

When we talk about A-list Korean actors, there’s one name we can’t leave behind; Lee Min-ho! Gaining international fame through his role as the leading man in the hit series Boys Over Flowers, Min-Ho’s good looks and expensive charm makes him the favorite to portray a wealthy heir.

Besides many drama series, Lee Min-ho is known for his roles in various movies. With his successful acting career, Min-Ho made a stunning record of winning 41 awards out of 79 nominations!

Are Lee Min-ho and Yeonwoo Together?

Lee Min Ho and Yeonwoo relationship
Lee Min ho and Yeonwoo

Being an eligible bachelor like Lee Min-ho, it’s understandable that his personal life becomes the interest of his fans and the general public.

Following the highly-publicized relationship with fellow actress and former idol Bae Suzy and their subsequent breakup, Lee Min-ho was rumored to find new love in another idol-turned-actress, Yeonwoo!

In 2021, Korean media reported that Min-Ho and Yeonwoo had been seeing each other for more or less five months. Dispatch also attached several pictures of them going on a casual movie date in the report.

Lee Min Ho and Yeonwoo in the airport
Photo: Dispatch

Furthermore, an inside source claimed that the couple, who also happened to be neighbors, started to get involved during the lockdown, spending time in each other’s houses playing video games and watching movies.

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While fans are ecstatic to know that Lee Min-ho has finally found love again, Min-Ho’s agency, MYM Entertainment, denied the reports and claimed that Min-Ho and Yeonwoo “are just acquaintances.”

In the formal statement, they also added that while Dispatch released several pictures of the two of them, it turns out that they went to watch the movie with other friends who were not photographed.

Well, it seems like it’s still a long way for Lee Min-ho to move on!

How Long Were Lee Min-ho and Bae Suzy Dating?

In 2015, Dispatch again caused quite a stir among K-Drama and K-Pop fans after releasing exclusive reports of Lee Min-ho and Bae Suzy’s relationship.

Lee Min-Ho and Bae Suzy
Bae Suzy and Lee Min-ho

At that time, Min-Ho has already become one of the most-sought actors in Korea, while Suzy has also established her career as a top singer-actress.

Definitely, a way to gain a massive audience in a flash!

In the report, Dispatch claimed that the couple has been dating for a mere two months, proved by the same flight patterns to Europe, albeit having different destinations. However, the media found that several days after their work in respective cities had concluded, Min-Ho and Suzy met up and tried to stay low-key by traveling separately.

Shortly after Dispatch released the report, both Lee Min-ho and Bae Suzy’s agencies at that time released official statements to confirm their artists’ relationship.

Having a public relationship means that Min-Ho and Suzy must be ready to be the center of the nation’s interest. This includes numerous unproven rumors throughout their relationship.

Lee Min-Ho and Bae Suzy as a couple
Lee Min-ho and Bae Suzy

In mid-2016, rumors began to circulate that Min-Ho and Suzy broke up. However, both agencies were quick to respond, claiming that all was well in paradise. Another rumor surfaced later that year, claiming that the couple had married secretly after Suzy was seen wearing what was suspected to be a wedding ring.

Nearly a year after the wedding rumor, fans were heartbroken after a representative from Suzy’s agency revealed that Min-Ho and her had broken up. The news came out shortly before Min-Ho’s military enlistment.

Inside Lee Min-ho’s Whirlwind Romance with Park Min-young

Lee Min-Ho and Park Min-young love life
Lee Min-ho and Park Min-young

In 2011, K-Drama fans were left excited after knowing that two of the biggest Korean stars, Lee Min-ho and Park Min-young, would be the leading roles in the thriller drama City Hunter. The pair showed brilliant chemistry on-screen and even off-screen!

During their promotional interviews for the series, Min-young always sang praises for Min-Ho, claiming that this project allowed her to “see new sides of him.” The couple quickly became fans’ favorite, and many wished them to date in real life!

Lee Min-Ho and Park Min-young in City Hunter
Lee Min-ho and Park Min-young in City Hunter

A month after the drama finale, both Min-Ho and Min-young’s agencies released statements to confirm their relationship. They revealed that the couple could feel an “interest for one another” and had just recently decided to give their romance a shot.

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Unfortunately, their fans’ excitement didn’t last, as the couple announced their split five months after they started dating. Many speculated that the breakup happened due to their hectic schedule and constant media attention.

When Did Lee Min-ho and Yoo In-na Start Dating?

For Lee Min-ho, Yoo In-na is the first out of many. The pair dated for quite some time when Min-Ho had just started his acting career in 2003. At that time, In-Na had yet to enter the entertainment industry.

The news about their relationship began circulating some time after they had started dating after fans found adorable pictures of them and Min-Ho’s romantic, downright cheesy love letter for In-Na that was leaked in cyberspace.

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