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Kira Kosarin’s Love Life: A Timeline of Her Relationships & Engagement

Nickelodeon has become a massive milestone for many actors; one of them is Phoebe Thunderman from The Thundermans. Her character was played by Kira Kosarin, who also just released her debut album last April 2019.

Kira Kosarin

Her career didn’t stop there. This year, Kira Kosarin was singing with Republic Records, and Kira’s musical journey is going nowhere but up.

So, a talented actress and now a famous singer? What thing that Kira isn’t good at? The answer to this is her relationship. We’re not saying that her romance is full of gloom and sadness, but Kira had a tough time finding “the one.”

Max Chester Is The Boyfriend that Kira Had Longed For

Kira Kosarin current boyfriend Max Chester

After a series of breakups and jumping into a new relationship multiple times, Kira Kosarin can finally be happy. If you’ve seen her newest cover of HONNE’s Location Unknown, she did that cover with a talented musician named Max Chester. Yep, that guy is her current beau. 

Max Chester isn’t only a singer. He also works on the orchestral arrangements for the BBC broadcast of the 2019 New Year’s Fireworks. So, it’s clear he isn’t only famous as Kira’s boyfriend because his talent is also beyond this world. 

So, how did Max and Kira’s relationship develop at first?

The two started dating in July 2020. Their relationship is still new, but they seem to be invested in their lives together and have already planned to move into a more serious one.

Both Kira and Max love to share their heartwarming moments on Instagram. Last May, Max posted a video of him hugging Kira passionately, congratulating her on her newest song, “Parachute.”

“Parachute is out. I hope you enjoy it, and we made it with an awful lot of love,” Max wrote as a caption. Looking at the way he hugged her and how Kira burst into tears on his chest made us realize how much they love each other and how they cherish the moment they spent making songs together. We love a power couple like this. 

Are these lovebirds going to get married soon? The answer to that is a big YES. The couple announced it in one of their Instagram stories, and it’s about time until we see their beautiful wedding ceremony.

We’re sure they’ll share that intimate moment on their Instagram since they’ve been bombing the internet with their cuteness. We’re not complaining, though. So let’s wait and see until they become a wife and husband soon!

A Public Announcement about Chase Austin and Kira Kosarin’s Breakup

Kira Kosarin and Chase Austin relationship
Kira Kosarin and Chase Austin (Photo: Getty Images)

Before meeting “the one” Max Chester, Kira Kosarin has ups and downs in her relationship. Most of her previous relationships didn’t last long, and here are the details. 

In December 2015, Kira Kosarin shocked everybody when she announced her breakup with Chase Austin. Chase is an actor who is best known for his appearance in Social Nightmare and Flirting with Madness

“All right, guys. You all have been asking me A LOT of questions lately, and I think you deserve an answer. Yes, @chaseaustin10 and I broke up a little while ago. He’s still a wonderful human being whom I love with all my heart; it was just time for us to accept that things change, people change, and sometimes the best thing is for people to take on the world differently. No, it’s not the end of the world. We’re still friends, and nobody did anything wrong, and that’s okay,” she wrote as the caption.

Kira and Chase reportedly dated for around a year but never revealed the exact date they began their romance. 

We also can’t know why Kira and Chase split, but there wasn’t any bad blood between them. At least, that’s how Kira portrayed it in her breakup announcement. She still talked nicely about her ex-beau, and that’s something rare to see these days. It looks like Kira is very mature for her age. 

Not only that, there isn’t much information either about Kira and Chase when they were still together. That’s odd, remembering how often Kira talks about Max on her social media. We hope that Kira and Chase are still good friends and supporting each other. 

A Very Short Relationship with Nick Merico

Nickelodeon - Nick Merico
Nick Merico

Dating a famous musician and actor seems to be Kira’s thing. After names like Max Chester and Chase Austin are on the lists, we have other A-listers linked to Kira’s life.

The next guy on the list is the Every Witch Way star, Nick Merico. Their romance happened in 2013 and fizzled out as soon as it started.

According to Hit Berry, Nick Merico and Kira Kosarin split at the end of 2013, but the couple didn’t reveal why. 

There were not many photos of them together, and Kira had deleted her memories with Nick on her socials. It’s a no-brainer for some celebrities to get rid of all their photos with their exes.

It’s understandable because sometimes, a glimpse of our ex-boyfriends is enough to ruin our days, right? Don’t forget that Kira was still a teenager when she dated Nick, guys, so we should understand and respect her decision not wanting to mention Nick ever again. 

A Romance with Jack Griffo that Sparked on the Set

Kira Kosarin and Jack Griffo relationship
The Thundermans – Jack Griffo and Kira Kosarin (Photo: Twitter)

We’ve mentioned earlier that Kira rose to fame when she got a role in the Nickelodeon series. The Thundermans didn’t only give her fame but also a lover – although for only a brief moment. 

In 2012, Kira was linked to her co-star in the series, Jack Griffo. The two played siblings in the series, but the romance sparked between them off-screen. Well, how could they not fall in love if they spent almost 24 hours on the set, right?!

Jack addressed this rumor in one of the videos called “Kira Kosarin & Jack Griffo’s BFF Challenge Pt. 2!!”. That heartwarming video was posted on the official Nickelodeon YouTube channel.

“I work with Kira every day, all day,” Jack stated in the video. The video title might say “BFF,” but their fans couldn’t help shopping them hard and wishing them to be a long-lasting couple in real life.

However, their relationship didn’t last long. According to Affair Post, Kira and Jack only dated for a short period at the beginning of the series. 

There wasn’t any further information about why their relationship didn’t work out, but the two were still pretty young back then. Besides, Kira and Jack were still pursuing their acting career, so they wanted to focus more on that. 

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