Who is Key Glock Girlfriend? Is He Married?

Key Glock girlfriend, love life

It takes a while for some people to recognize that his name is a stage name. Taking the name of a specific firearm, Markevvius LaShun Cathey, or Key Glock, came into this world in 1997.

Rough childhood was the one that defined his character, and after finishing high school, Key chose to begin his career in the rap industry.

Who is Key Glock, and does he have a girlfriend?

Regarding the question of whether Key has a girlfriend or not, he is currently single. Key has had several other romantic rumors and dates in the past; however, most are still unconfirmed by Key.

With that in mind, let’s start with Key’s previous romantic rumors and determine whether there’s a single grain of truth.

Key Glock and Karin Jinsui: Too good together or just too incompatible?

Compatibility may have been one reason why the relationship ends. However, many romantic gurus said that the compatibility rate could grow after quite a while.

Some people may feel it is true; it’s a different case for Karin Jinsui and Key Glock.

Key Glock and Karin Jinsui
Key Glock and Karin Jinsui (Instagram)

Karin and Key’s names appeared for the first time in 2018 when some media linked the two as a couple.

Sadly, the rapper could not hold his romantic flame burning continuously, and after spending time together for two months, Karin and Key Glock chose to move on different paths.

Fortunately, it was not the end of Key and Karin’s stories. In December last year, fans reacted when they saw a photo in the IG story of Karin having a man’s arm around her. The story becomes interesting when fans recognize some unique tattoos belonging to Key on that arm.

However, the post was the last time Karin had a suspicious relationship with Key Glock. To this day, there are no reports of the pair trying to rekindle their past romance.

Does Lira Mercer and Key Glock have something to tell between them?

The tale of Key Glock in his quest to find the perfect girl is still ongoing. Despite his failure, if we can say it was a failure, during his spell with Ella Rodriguez, Key had another significant other.

Key Glock and Lira Mercer dating history
Key Glock and Lira Mercer (Instagram)

Many dismissed the notion; however, we found evidence that Key Glock and Lira Mercer might have something tangible other than rumors.

Key Glock’s name circled Lira during the summer of 2020, just before Key chose to “date” Ella Rodriguez.

The rumors came to the limelight when Lira indicated that she was in a relationship with an unknown man. Many believed she was referring to Key Glock, especially when one insider confirmed the news.

Sadly, after researching it some more, we found that it was a casual dalliance between the pair. The insider claimed that Lira chose to end her relationship with Key because the rapper decided to date another woman behind her back.

Key Glock and Ella Rodriguez: A romance too quick to end?

When talking about love, sometimes it is best to let it develop and slowly engulf you and your desired partner.

However, most people choose to skip the phase and charge it head-on. The rashness may be what happened between Ella Rodriguez and Key Glock.

Ella Rodriguez Instagram
Ella Rodriguez (Instagram)

The two had been in constant view from the fans, with some wondering if Ella and Key had something going on between them. These rumors sparked the most in 2021 after Ella’s boyfriend, another rapper called A Boogie wit Da Hoodie, chose to end his relationship that year.

The rumors doubled in numbers when the internet learned that Key Glock is not the man that Mulatto has in her life, a story that we will tell later. Sadly, both Key and Ella never said anything about their possible relationship, and most people discarded it as a fan’s dream. 

The breakup between Ella Rodriguez and Boogie occurred just after the social media influencer announced her second pregnancy with Boogie. The couple’s first child, a daughter named Melody, came into this world in 2017.

Mulatto and Key Glock: Is it truly over?

In this part of this article, it is reasonable to say that this is Key Glock’s most tangible relationship story thus far. The main reason is that both Key and his associate publicly stated that they had nothing romantic between them.

Key Glock and Mulatto
Key Glock and Mulatto

The news began when some fans tried to unravel the mysterious man that had Mulatto’s heart under his grasp. The reports certainly did not appear from nowhere, with Mulatto saying in February 2021 that she “has a relationship with someone that worked in the same business.”

During a live interview, Mulatto, or Latto, as she famously referred to, rejected the idea that the identity of Latto’s mysterious man was Key Glock. The singer then closed it off by saying:

“I want to keep it low-profile since I’m happy with the current situation. I don’t want the over-attention on my relationship to destroy what I currently have, which is a happy relationship with someone I dearly love.”

In April of that same year, Key Glock appeared online before utterly banishing the idea that he and Mulatto have something romantic. He said:

“I never had fruitful and factual relationships since high school, so what are you talking about?”

So there you have it; Key Glock and Mulatto are not a couple but wait if something fruitful comes in the future.

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