Joseph Sikora Wife: Insight Into His Love Life

Joseph Sikora wife and his dating history

Joseph Sikora, an actor well-known for his role as Barr in Jack Reacher, is now married to Tania Ribalow. According to The Market Activity, the pair has been together for seven years.

Perhaps peeking into their marriage life would be difficult as they would like to keep it secret. However, some sources have been piling some information about them. Let us check them all below.

Joseph Sikora’s wife, Tania Ribalow

Tania Ribalow is a makeup artist, and Joseph first met her on the set of Boardwalk Empire in 2010. Joseph revealed how he fell in love with Tania in an interview with Untitled Magazine. The actor said he fell in love with his now-wife head over heels.

Joseph Sikora and his wife Tania Ribalow
Joseph Sikora with his wife Tania Ribalow

At first, Tania was part of the crew, which had a strict rule of not dating actors because she worked with them closely. It was a reasonable rule, as the work could be neglected later.

However, love was destined for them. Over the next couple of years, Joseph worked on film sets with Tania’s friends. Her friends seemed to like Joseph’s personality, and they suggested she call Joseph sometimes.

And even though Tania never did that, her boss finally set them up. It made Joseph feel grateful to Nicki Ledermann, Tania’s boss at the time.

And it turned out that Joseph was the one who initiated the first meeting with Tania. He approached Tania’s friend and asked her friend to meet him. 

Initially, Tania hesitated and didn’t respond to the actor’s call. But eventually, they decided to meet, and things started to flow between them. Two years after their initial meeting, they began to date. Two years might be quite long for them to be together finally, but it was worth the wait.

Joseph waited patiently for Tania’s response all those years, and they eventually dated right after the project was finished.

Joseph Sikora and Tania Ribalow’s Weddings

In 2014, the lovebirds decided to get married. The wedding ceremony was held privately, as Joseph and Tania were just invited by their close friends and family. Joseph himself confirmed their marriage in a tweet in 2018.

Joseph also mentioned his friend in his tweet. The tweet said, “So, my wife and I took the seven buses from Florence to Fiesole, just outside the city to the church of San Francesco, and this nice man, @imoles hook me up with some nice grappa and where to go in Firenze (Florence). Thanks, man.”

And in an instant, people swarmed the comment section, asking whether it was true or not that Joseph was married. A username Cheki Morena asked in surprise, “You’re married? Lucky woman,” and another user named N. Williams said, “Wife?!? Am I the only one that became depressed reading this?”

Despite this news, what shocked people was that Joseph nearly lost the opportunity to star in a series titled Power in the same year they got married. Luckily, he could still take the role, and in the end, he played Tommy Egan in the series.

What would happen if Joseph and Tania postponed their wedding? We are delighted to see that everything worked out for both of them!

Do Joseph and Tania Have Any Child?

The answer to this question is no. Joseph hadn’t revealed anything about his married life to the public, so we can’t be sure about this matter. It seemed that the pair avoided this kind of question.

Even though, perhaps, Joseph didn’t want to reveal it to the public yet. We can’t know about that.

Now, how about digging for information about another relationship rumor about Joseph Sikora?

Joseph Sikora’s Relationship with Lucy Walters 

About Lucy Walters, there were no official records about her having a relationship. It looked like she had never been married and romantically linked to anyone. So, everyone was guessing about her relationship with Joseph Sikora, her co-star in the series Power.

Their chemistry was so good that people guessed they were dating in real life. However, amid all the speculations, Joseph later publicly clarified in a 2018 tweet, emphasizing that he was a married man. Lucy also denied the rumor and said they were just an on-screen couple.

And just like Joseph, Lucy also had done an excellent job of keeping her private life information from the public.

If we look at Joseph and Lucy’s chemistry on Power, we can conclude that they were very professional with their works. When Lucy uploaded her picture standing close to Joseph with a tweet, “So proud to be a part of one of the best shows on TV,” people started to be excited and swarmed the comment section.

Some people said they loved the couple, and some added that Power was the best show on TV. And a username called fidogirl44 complimented the pair and said, “You two were AMAZING on this show. You played your parts very well, and I can’t wait for Season 3.”

Considering how excellent their chemistry was, it was natural that people speculated that their relationship was more than just professional. 

Lucy Walters’ Posts About Joseph Sikora

Joseph Sikora and Lucy Walters also seemed to be close as friends. Lucy quite often shared her friendship with Joseph on Instagram. For example, on June 29, 2018, the actress posted a picture where Joseph sat on the floor while Lucy rested her head on his lap.

It turned out that the post was shared to commemorate Joseph’s birthday, as written in the caption. The caption said, “Ahh, Joe Sikora, ya k***ed me! Happy belated birthday. Posting just for you.”

The caption was related to the scene where Joseph ended her life on Power. The series’ fans then commented on Lucy’s post, and one of the users said, “Damn Tommy, why did you end her life?”

And on August 22, 2019, Lucy posted a nice picture of her and Joseph, with a heart emoticon as a caption. Joseph looked fantastic in his black suit, while Lucy looked gorgeous in her orange dress.

So, would you like to see their next project together again?

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