Harold Torres Is A Charming Man for His On-Screen Girlfriends

Harold Torres is a Mexican actor mostly known for his role in ZeroZeroZero. Earlier this month, the actor played the role of the main villain, Playa, in Silent Night. While curious fans might notice Harold Torres’ relationship status, the actor seems reluctant to share information about it.

Harold Torres on-screen girlfriend
Harold Torres in ZeroZeroZero

However, worry not! We have done quite a deep dig into Harold Torres’ love life. More on his secretive dating history is below!

Does Harold Torres Have A Girlfriend?

According to multiple sources and Harold Torres’ personal Instagram account, the Mexican actor appears to be single!

His social media is dedicated to posting some still pictures of the projects he starred in and several selfies for his dedicated fans.

However, Harold occasionally posts pictures with his female co-stars, such as Macarena Miguel, his castmate in the series Run Coyote Run.

Fans were ecstatic at first to see Harold with a potential girlfriend, but the pair turned out to be great friends, as Macarena is happily married to her husband and baby daddy, Andres Chavez.

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Well, it seems like Harold Torres has no intention of going off the market shortly!

Inside the List of Harold Torres’ Plenty On-Screen Girlfriends

Harold Torres with Claudia Pineda in ZeroZeroZero tv series
Harold Torres with Claudia Pineda in ZeroZeroZero

Sometimes, life doesn’t imitate art.

Despite Harold Torres’ status as one of the most eligible bachelors (surely he ranks high for a fine Latino like he is), he has no problem securing roles with many lovers.

His most notable on-screen matchup was probably with Claudia Pineda in the TV series ZeroZeroZero. The pair share several scenes in the series, from a slow, sensual dancing in the middle of the club to a talk in a worn but cozy cabin.

Besides that, Harold also once shared a collage of his scenes with on-screen matchups, Sofia Espinosa and Angeles Cruz. The former was Harold’s on-screen love interest in Open Cage, while Angeles was his on-screen lover in Tamaran and the Ladybug.

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