Is Ella Mai Dating Anyone? Who is Her Boyfriend?

Ella Mai boyfriend ant dating history

A confident singer entered the limelight when the internet was in full swing, and people regarded her as one of the best RnB singers in the world.

Despite her sparkling career, many are curious about her private life. So, who is Ella Mai, and does she have any boyfriend? Let’s uncover it.

John Wall and Ella Mai

Let us begin with the first relationship that took the public’s attention. Ella Mai’s name entered the public’s conscience when she appeared in John Wall’s video on his Instagram account.

Ella Mai and ex boyfriend John Wall
Ella Mai and John Wall

The former Washington Wizard guard casually shook his head in tune with the song. It seemed like he was trying to soothe his heart after being outplayed and outran by Toronto Raptors in the 2018 Playoffs.

Many viewers noticed it before storming in to find out who this girl was. Viewers finally knew that it was Ella’s music that had been resounding in John’s car. The video also made Ella’s fans suspicious of the relationship between the basketball player and Ella.

When the video came out, John and Ella were both strangers. However, after Ella knew and saw the video, Ella began to develop feelings for John Wall. The thoughtful manner and bravery of John Wall persuaded Ella to get to know him more.

John and Ella got along, and they finally became a couple. Some fans caught the pair together in some of the NBA games that year. John even bought a couple tickets for himself and Ella.

However, the relationship did not last long, and the dalliance finally fell apart. We may never know whether love entered the fray during their journey together, or perhaps it was just a simple friendship that got an out-of-line scenario.

Ella Mai and Kehlani: A sister-complex relationship?

One thing to note is that Ella Mai is one of the most successful singers from England. With that, no wonder many are linking her with some high-profile artists. One of them stood out when the internet’s investigators accused her of dating Ella Mai.

Ella Mai with Kehlani
Ella Mai and Kehlani (Twitter)

She is Kehlani, an American-born singer who came in as Ella Mai’s former significant other. The rumors sparked when a blog posted a claim that Kehlani and Ella were indeed a couple. The site took a photo from Ella’s Twitter account and used it as evidence for their presentation.

The photo was a selfie from Ella with Kehlani romantically sitting on her lap. The pair, seemingly enjoying the moment, closed their eyes before Ella took the picture.

However, Kehlani followed it by addressing the rumors by saying they were all false before sarcastically commenting on the reports.

“It wasn’t true. I considered Ella like my sister, and we are not dating. It was a photo taken during our tour the previous year. I mean, why would you trust blogs? Is it already the time when news is getting slower?” Kehlani tweeted in 2018.

So, Ella and Kehlani enjoy their relationship as fellow singers and close friends. For now.

Has Ella Mai found her perfect boyfriend now?

Now, dear readers, the tale of Ella Mai trying to find a suitable boyfriend is still ongoing. If you are wondering which of the two relationship tales we liked, we can’t deny that the audacity of John Wall managed to win not only Ella’s heart but us as well.

His bravado may have lingered in Ella’s mind, so she decided to date another professional basketball player.

From her experience, Ella then traveled and found that one player from the Boston Celtics piqued her interest. It was unknown when the pair began to meet with each other casually; however, in early 2022, some fans spotted the Celtics’ forward, and the England-born attended a party to commemorate the 4th of July.

The “couple” followed the outings by watching Travis Scoot’s show in Coney Island. After two major public tours, no wonder that the fans began to connect Jayson Tatum as Ella Mai’s official boyfriend suspiciously.

The fans also caught Jayson and Ella attending Michael Rubin’s White Party in Hampton, Virginia. An exclusive party visited by the currently hottest couple? Well, it is not surprising that it fueled the speculations even more.

Ella Mai and Jayson Tatum dating
Ella Mai and Jayson Tatum

However, no matter how big our desire to see Jayson announce that Ella Mai is indeed his girlfriend, some are skeptical that the relationship would last for long. Their argument? Neither Jayson nor Ella posted a single post about it on their social media accounts.

The skeptics also argue that Ella’s past dalliances may tear things apart. Fortunately, Jayson and Ella are genuinely match-made in heaven. The couple tried to keep a low profile about their relationship but got caught off-guard when their photos appeared on the internet.

The second thing is that one source claimed that Ella has no problem settling into Jayson’s life, with the 2019 Billboard Music Awards winner wholeheartedly accepting that Jayson had a son with his previous relationship. No matter what, you guys have our full support here!

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