Ben Affleck

  • 15 Aug 1972Age: 47
  • United States
  • Actor, Producer, Screenwriter
  • Zodiac sign Leo
  • Sexual orientation Straight
6.4 ft 216 lb

Body Measurements

  • Height: 6.4 ft
  • Weight: 216 lb
  • Measurements:
    44 - 36 - 17 in
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Blue

Ben Affleck is an American actor and filmmaker. He became known in the mid 1990s, after his involvement in the film Mallrats, and has since become an Academy Award winner for his screenplay in Good Will Hunting in 1997.



Triple Frontier Tom 'Redfly' Davis (2019)
Justice League Bruce Wayne, Batman (2017)
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Bruce Wayne, Batman (2016)
Live by Night Director, Writer, Joe Coughlin (2016)
The Accountant Christian Wolff (2016)
Gone Girl Nick Dunne (2014)
Argo Tony Mendez (2012)
The Company Men Bobby Walker (2010)
The Town Doug MacRay (2010)
State of Play Stephen Collins (2009)
Daredevil Matt Murdock, Daredevil (2003)
Pearl Harbor Capt. Rafe McCawley (2001)
Armageddon A.J. Frost (1998)
Good Will Hunting Chuckie Sullivan (1997)

Major Industry Awards

award Oscar 2013 Best Motion Picture of the Year in Argo (2012)
award Oscar 1998 Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen in Good Will Hunting (1997)
award Golden Globe 2013 Best Director - Motion Picture in Argo (2012)
award Golden Globe 1998 Best Screenplay - Motion Picture in Good Will Hunting (1997)
award BAFTA 2013 Best Film in Argo (2012)
award BAFTA 2013 Best Director in Argo (2012)
award Saturn Award 2007 Best Supporting Actor in Hollywoodland (2006)


  • fear Has a fear of flying


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  • Golden Retriever Cross
  • German Shepherd


  • Fined $135 for driving in Massachusetts with a suspended license. [1999]
  • When he was little, he asked his mom for a dog, and she tested him by making him walk an imaginary dog for a week. Ben only lasted for 5 days and didn't get the dog.
  • Confirms engagement to Jennifer Lopez, after giving her a reported $3.5 million ring. (Nov. 2002)
  • Growing up, the Marvel Comic book character Daredevil was his hero. He got to play the character in the 2003 movie.
  • At forty years old, he is the oldest actor to be cast in the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman.


  • Mercedes-Benz GL
  • Audi S8
  • Mercedes-Benz S63
  • Lexus RX
  • Land Rover LR4
  • Tesla Model S

Real Estate

12,853 square feet, 7 bedrooms, 7 full and 2 half bathrooms plus guesthouse.

Location: Pacific Palisades, California

Price: $19.25 million


  • Playing and watching basketball
  • Play poker


  • No matter what you're doing, if you're trying to make a movie, you need to be working with people that are really good and who make you better.
  • All I do, really, is go to work and try to be professional, be on time and be prepared.
  • It doesn't matter how you get knocked down in life, because that's going to happen. All that matters is that you gotta get up.
  • I find forgiveness to be really healthy.
  • Sometimes the people we meet change us forever.