Ana De Armas

Last updated: November 18, 2019
Ana De Armas
  • 30 Apr 1988Age: 31
  • Cuba
  • Actress
  • Zodiac sign Taurus
  • Sexual orientation Straight
5.6 ft 117 lb

Body Measurements

  • Height: 5.6 ft
  • Weight: 117 lb
  • Measurements:
    34 24 34 in
  • Hair Color: Light Brown
  • Eye Color: Green

Ana de Armas is a Cuban actress. The name Ana de Armas is twirling among a large number of fans after her part as Joi in the new Blade Runner 2049 film.



The Informer 2019
The Informer Sofia (2019)
Corazon 2018
Corazón Elena Ramirez (2018)
Blade Runner 2049 2017
Blade Runner 2049 Joi (2017)
Overdrive 2017
Overdrive Stephanie (2017)
War Dogs 2016
War Dogs Iz (2016)
Hands of Stone 2016
Hands of Stone Felicidad Iglesias (2016)
Exposed 2016
Exposed Isabel De La Cruz (2016)
Knock Knock 2015
Knock Knock Bell (2015)
Anabel 2015
Anabel Cris (2015)
Por un punado de besos 2014
Por un puñado de besos Sol (2014)
Blind Alley 2011
Blind Alley Rosa (2011)


  • Edgar Ramírez Edgar Ramírez Dating
  • Marc Clotet Marc Clotet (2010 - 2013) Ex-husband


  • Dog


  • She has central heterochromia. While both of her eyes are green, they have a brown center. In addition, her irises have small dark brown spots.
  • Was born in Cuba and moved to Spain when she was 19.


  • Dancing
  • Swimming
  • Playing Video Games


  • I think women, we are very interesting. We have a lot to say, and sometimes it's frustrating how all the lead parts are for men.
  • I want to try as many different roles as I can. I want to do everything.
  • I can't stay in one place for too long.

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