Chris Evans

Last updated: November 18, 2019
Chris Evans
  • 13 Jun 1981Age: 38
  • United States
  • Actor, Director
  • Zodiac sign Gemini
  • Sexual orientation Straight
6 ft 194 lb

Body Measurements

  • Height: 6 ft
  • Weight: 194 lb
  • Measurements:
    46 - 33 - 17 in
  • Hair Color: Light Brown
  • Eye Color: Blue

Chris Evans is an American actor best known for his superhero roles as the Marvel Comics characters Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Human Torch in Fantastic Four.



Avengers Endgame
Avengers: Endgame Steve Rogers, Captain America (2019)
Avengers Infinity War (2018)
Infinity War Steve Rogers, Captain America (2018)
Gifted Frank Adler (2017)
Captain America Civil War (2016)
Captain America: Civil War Steve Rogers, Captain America (2016)
Avengers Age of Ultron (2015)
Avengers: Age of Ultron Steve Rogers, Captain America (2015)
Captain America The Winter Soldier
Captain America: The Winter Soldier Steve Rogers, Captain America (2014)
Before We Go
Before We Go Nick Vaughan (2014)
The Avengers (2012)
The Avengers Steve Rogers, Captain America (2012)
Captain America The First Avenger
Captain America: The First Avenger Steve Rogers, Captain America (2011)
The Losers (2010)
The Losers Jensen (2010)
Push Nick Gant (2009)
Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four Johnny Storm (2005)


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  • Half American, Half English Bulldog
  • Mix Breed


  • He has a dog named East, that is half American bulldog and half English bulldog.
  • Has signed on to do three Fantastic Four films.
  • Is a vegetarian


  • 1967 Chevy Camaro Custom 1967 Chevrolet Camaro
  • 2013 Lexus ES 350 2013 Lexus ES 350

Real Estate

Chris Evans real estate 1

The 4,600-square-foot manse was purchased by a flipper for $1.9M.
That owner completely renovated the three-bedroom pad, adding an updated kitchen, refinishing the floors,
and generally gussying up the otherwise typical home. That work paid off, as the house was sold for $3.52M to Evans.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Price: $3,52M

Chris Evans real estate 2

The home features 1,286 square feet of living spaces, consisting in three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a large kitchen + dining, a living room, private deck and more.

Location: Los Angeles

Price: $1.26 million


  • Tap dancing
  • Listening Classical Rock Music
  • Watching American Football
  • Reading


  • Anyone who's had a tattoo knows once you get your first one, as you're walking out the door, you're planning the next.
  • I decided to make 'Captain America' because I realized I wasn't doing the film because it terrified me. You can't make decisions based on fear.


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